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Roof replacements are usually required when the one installed is near the end of its life service. In doing so, everything under the roof can be safe from the elements. In theory, a new roof is supposed to last for a long time.

However, certain avoidable factors can make a new roof fail unexpectedly. These reasons are the top reasons why a new roof can be just as problematic as an old one.


  • Low- Quality Materials


Saving a little can cost a lot! Never settle on the cheapest bid. There’s a reason why the price is that low. Once you’ve settled for the lowest price, it opens up to the possibility to the contractor skimping on the quality of the materials to save money on installation.

Consumers often accept bids from the cheapest roofing company but remember that you get the roof you paid for. Low-quality materials can result in unexpected leaks or even an early roof failure. Ultimately, you might end up paying more than you’ve bargained for.

The cost differential between the best materials and cheapest ones can add up on the overall costs of the roofing project, but it would be worth it to pay a bit more upfront for the high-quality materials compared to having another roof replacement. At least you’ll be able to rest assured that every penny spent is worth it.


  • Poor Installation


A roofing system can be installed with the best and most expensive shingles in the world, but it could fail if it’s not installed according to manufacturer specifications. It’s not enough to choose high-quality materials because its overall performance still relied on the ones who installed it.

Low-quality roof installation is probably one of the biggest reasons for new roof failure. Whether it’s stemming from the lack of knowledge of the latest materials and techniques or deliberate disregard to the client, some contractors hired for the job are likely to cut corners.

Some of the most common examples of poor workmanship includes improperly nailed shingles, flashing shortcuts, poor detail works on penetrations and improper roof-to-wall intersections which can all lead to shingle blow off, leaks, property damage, and even mold growth.

Improper techniques and shoddy craftsmanship will ultimately force you to pay for preventable repairs or a roof replacement sooner than expected.


  • Inadequate Ventilation


Ventilation is often an overlooked aspect of the roofing. However, it is the key to keeping a roof healthy and maintaining a dry attic space.

Proper ventilation needs a combination of intake to allow fresh and cool air to enter as well as an exhaust which pushes hot and moist air out to prevent damaging heat and moisture build-up during the summer and ice dam formations during the winter which can shorten your roof’s life span.

It’s ideal to have continuous, balanced, and passive ventilation, so ensure that your roofing contractor is familiar with current ventilation technology and options and take the time to do it right.

  • Cutting Corners on Flashing

Areas of the roof where gaps can be located, such as chimneys, skylights, and other areas are susceptible to water entry. It’s essential to ensure that the components of your overall roofing system have the necessary protection against inclement weather.

Flashings are usually seen as an ornament for the roof. However, they’re much more than just that. This is actually one of the most critical components of your overall roofing system as it keeps water from getting into your home.

A poorly installed flashing can fail to divert water from the flashing and instead of funneling water into it. Sometimes, flashings aren’t in proper condition as some roofing contractors believe that flashings can be reused while others think that flashings are decorative than functional to cut corners and just use caulk to sea, which is a big red flag.

Caulk has a limited lifespan. Over time it can break down, which can cause water to enter the building or home through the flashing. This can result in leaks quickly after installation. Tucking the flashing into the chimney surface is ideal and will ensure that flashing will hold up for the duration of the roof, but the labor to do so is more expensive than the shortcut.

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