Whether you own a commercial building or a house, it’s a well-known fact that you need a sturdy roof that will provide trouble-free service. While the materials you choose and its installation affect the strength and longevity of your roof, a roof coating can also improve your roof.

Roof coatings are more common in commercial roofs, but it can also be used in many homes. However, not all roofs are suitable for roof coatings. It should not be applied to roofs with surface preparation problems.

Roof coatings may not be the cure for all for every roofing problem, but they do have proven benefits that can benefit a roof.

Extends Roof Life

The protection provided by roof coatings can help extend the life of a roof. A coated roof can become more waterproof, protect it from harmful UV rays, and keep the heat off in the summer. This reduces the chances of sustaining damages from weather elements. In turn, your roof will last longer.

A roof with a longer life means having a few more years until you need to replace the roof. You’ll be able to save a lot of money on building maintenance and potentially prevent roofing material from winding up in the landfill.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmental and social responsibility has been a great concern for both people and companies these past few years. When roofs have shorter lifespans, frequent replacement is needed. It’s why roofing materials contribute to the massive amounts of waste into landfills.

Over time, it will become an environmental hazard for years. Applying roof coating is an affordable and straightforward way to save the environment. Extending a roof’s lifespan also reduces the amount of produced waste and delay the need for new roof installations.

Modern roof coatings don’t contain any dangerous chemicals or require harmful processes to be installed. You can ensure that they’re not damaging to the environment.

Keep a Cooler Indoors

Many people are not aware that the roof can have a massive effect on the heat absorption of a building or a home. Traditional roofing materials typically absorb the heat rays emitted by the sun. The heat gets transferred indoors, making everyone inside less comfortable.

As the global temperature rises, it’s only natural to apply your roof with coating. Roof coatings come with reflective and emissive properties. If the roof coating is reflective, it will stay cool by reflecting sunlight rather than absorbing it. It also will reflect away the damaging UV rays.

Reduces Energy Consumption

In relation to cooler indoors, the reflective and emissive properties of many coatings result in decreased energy use requirements during daytime hours. When a business or home’s interior becomes much cooler, it will reduce the load of its HVAC system. This will help minimize your monthly energy consumption as you won’t be spending much electricity on air conditioning.

Maintains Appearance

The roof plays a part in how a house is perceived from the street. It’s why colored roofs are such a common trend. Colored roofs don’t just affect the internal temperature but enhances the overall curb appeal of a home and present it in the best possible light. An exterior appeal is just as vital for a business. A nice-looking roof can make your business look clean and inviting to customers.

Like all things in life, nothing lasts forever. These roof colors will fade over time. Still, it’s not a good look for any residential home or commercial building. It can make them appear old and poorly maintained.

While this is virtually inevitable, you can slow it down. Luckily, the coating also helps maintain your roof’s color. The sun is the most damaging element to the luster of your colored roof. Since roof coatings are reflective, it can help maintain the vibrancy of any roof color for a longer time.

Low Maintenance

Roof repairs can be just as expensive a roof replacement. Roof coating is much simpler and affordable to prevent much damage that can lead to repairs. With a high-quality coating, it can take years before your roof will need repairs, much less a replacement.

When maintenance and repairs are necessary, most of them will be made on the coating instead of the roof itself. Although, you should make sure that minor repairs like small leaks get applying the coating. Roof coatings might help prevent damage, but it won’t remove the ones that already exist.

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