One of your house’s first and most reliable protection against winds, rain, snow, harsh sunlight, and other forces of nature is the roof. But, like anything else, it isn’t infallible and isn’t immune to damage over time. As years pass by, your roof is continually subjected to elements that can lead to its eventual deterioration and can be further exacerbated by other factors such as lack of maintenance or unexpectedly harsh weather conditions.

When this happens, it may be time to call in professional contractors for a roof replacement. But before you do so, it’s wise to know the signs that your roof needs replacing. This prevents your roof from totally caving in, making your situation much more terrible than it would’ve had you seen the signs earlier on.

In this infographic, we’ll discuss the five telltale signs that you may need to have a new roof installed on your residence that will protect you, your family, and your house for years to come.