Roof leaks are one of the homeowners’ most common maintenance issues. The cause of leaky roofs can be both external and internal. It could be because of the weather or an underlying problem that you have not noticed yet.

Consequently, roof leaks can compromise the safety and comfortability of your family, especially when it is not handled appropriately. It increases the risk of health hazards and more significant damage to your roofing system and eventually to your whole house. As distressing as it sounds, even just a tiny leak can lead to detrimental consequences. Although some owners rely on fixing it themselves, it is best to check your roof by a professional roofing contractor. A professional roofing contractor will help you know the root cause of your leaky roof. It will prevent more damage and will tend to the areas which need to be fixed and maintained.

Causes of leaky roofs might be unknown, especially if your roof has not undergone any inspection yet. Leaks do not just affect the valuables in your house, but it also tears down the physical structure of your home. It will cause more deteriorating issues in the future. We have listed down some of the causes of roof leaks so that you can better manage your roofing system.




Clogged Gutters


If your gutters are clogged, expect that the water will pool up. Standing water does not do anything good for your roof.

You must do regular cleaning of gutters to prevent your gutters from being clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris. Cleaning must be observed, especially during the autumn season where more leaves are falling to your roof and many trees surrounding your house.



Another unexpected cause of roof leaks might be some creatures seeking a secluded place for shelter. These animals could be raccoons, mice, possums, birds nesting eggs, or rats. Once they have developed a hole, it will be their starting point to create a much bigger hole in your roof. A way to drive off these creatures is by not attracting them. Gutters with leaves and other debris can entice them to bring themselves and their offspring to your rain gutter. So, routinely cleaning your roof gutters is paramount.

Inappropriate design of Roof Slope


The slope of your roof, if not designed correctly, can increase the chance of your roof getting leaks. The slope of your roof plays a vital role in your roofing system. It allows the water to drain efficiently and operate correctly. Even if you have steeply pitched or low-pitched roofs, both design pitches must have additional materials for an underlay to guarantee that your roofing system will function properly.

Inadequate Venting


Poor venting with your roofs can cause leaks through leaks in the vents themselves and too much condensation in your attic. Increased moisture in your attic will develop mildew and mold growth. The build-up of these microorganisms slowly deteriorates your roof, and in due course, it will add to the existing water issues in your roof.

Aging Roof


An aging roof is one of the most common yet unexpected causes of roof leaks. Even if you have your roof inspected annually, secured maintenance services, and contacted the best roofing contractor, these will not prevent your roof from aging.

Every roofing material has a life expectancy. Thus, when they reach their lifespan, they can become weak, which can cause water to seep in, causing leaks to the attic.

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