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Everyone wants to increase the value of their home. Especially those that are looking to put the property onto the open market. The question is what should you do? What are the home repairs that increase property value? In this article, we explore tasks that you should consider completing, but first, we ask if you’re the right person to do them.

Should You Complete Home Repairs Yourself?

It’s only natural to wonder whether you’re up to the job of completing a home repair yourself or if you should hire a pro. It really comes down to how difficult the repair is going to be to carry out. Plus, your level of experience and comfort with DIY projects. You’ll want to think about the tools and resources needed too. Do you have them in your home or do you need to purchase or borrow some?

Realistically only you know whether you’re up to the task, if you’re new to DIY taking on a whole kitchen renovation might be biting off more than you can chew. Whereas redecorating a hallway might be completely achievable. More minor, simple repairs are the best options for beginners or novices, and they can be a great way to save yourself some money that would otherwise have been spent on contractors.

Electricity, plumbing, roofing, and masonry, these are often seen as higher-skilled tasks with a higher degree of difficulty. It’s almost always worth seeking professional help for these types of tasks. Remember that your safety is the most important part, if you’re risking your health it’s not going to be worth it. No matter how much money you might save.

The 9 Home Repairs That Increase Property Value

What follows is a list of home repairs that are all but guaranteed to increase your property’s value. Many people choose to work through this list just before putting their property on the market, but there’s no reason that you can’t personally reap the benefits by completing them while you’re living at the property.

Some of the tasks on the list are fairly easy to complete and can be carried out by people with relatively little DIY experience, others will almost certainly require professional assistance. There’s also a wide range of tasks to suit various budgets, but generally speaking, you’ll find that the more you invest the more you’ll likely see property value increase.

Replace or Restore The Roof

The roof of the property is one of the most important parts of the structure. It keeps the elements out and protects the whole contents of the home. If there’s any indication that the roof is in a state of disrepair or that it could do with restoration or a replacement, this will have a detrimental effect on the value of the home.

Replacing the roof of a property is no small undertaking and many prospective purchasers will see the value in having it completed before they make a purchase. Plus it’s an opportunity to upgrade the aesthetic of the property, there are so many different types of roofing material available on the market nowadays that it can create a whole new, fresh look.

There’s also the question of whether you should replace or repair the roof. There are arguments for and against both options, with much of it coming down to your specific requirements and budget.

Convert The Attic

The attic of a property is often overlooked in favor of basement or garage conversions, but there is a significant amount of space in your roof that can be converted into additional floor space. Increasing the usable space within your home is always going to have the maximum impact on value. If you can take a 3-bedroom home to a 4 or 5-bedroom home, sometimes even adding additional bathrooms too, you’ll be able to make significant improvements to the property value.

This is, however, no small undertaking. There are very few people who will feel confident enough to take on an attic conversion as a DIY project. We’d strongly recommend that you seek professional help, especially as some of these conversions will require a not insignificant amount of permits and paperwork. Plus they’ll answer questions such as what type of roof truss you’ve got.


Looking for a simple, budget-friendly way to increase home value? Redecoration is your best option. A fresh coat of paint or new wallpaper can give tired-looking rooms new life, making them more appealing to potential buyers. If you’re looking to sell, neutral colors are a safe bet but don’t be afraid to add some pops of color to create a welcoming and stylish home.

Superficial Repairs

Making minor, superficial repairs around your home can make a big difference in the overall feel and look of your property. Fixing minor leaks, replacing a cracked tile, and updating light fixtures. These might feel like small, almost insignificant issues, but when grouped together they give an impression that you’re looking after your home and that there aren’t likely to be hidden maintenance issues. That makes it far more attractive to buyers.

Create A Home Office Space

Since Covid, everyone is looking for some home office space. Remote work isn’t going anywhere soon and providing a space for that to happen easily is a great way to add value. This is often done by converting an under-used room or adding a garden office.

Renovate The Basement

The basement of a property is often piled high with storage and half-completed projects. If you’re looking for maximum value, complete the renovation and make the whole basement into a great usable space that adds extra square footage to the property.

Add An Attractive Wall Siding

If the exterior of the property is looking tired and needs updating, consider refreshing it with some new wall siding. There are incredible varieties available nowadays, with a style and color to suit all tastes.

Refresh The External Fixtures And Fittings

Simply adding new home numbering, updating the doorbell or knocker, and adding a new mailbox can give a great first impression. It isn’t a big-budget renovation, but it will increase the curb appeal of the property.

Update Bathroom And Kitchen Fixtures

Whole kitchen and bathroom renovations will almost always add value to a property, but they come with a hefty price tag. Instead, more people are choosing to update their current kitchens by replacing the fixtures and fittings within them. A new faucet, a resprayed cabinet, updated handles, all of these can make a considerable difference to the look and feel of the room.

Key Takeaways

All of these home repairs will increase property value. How significantly will vary depending on the investment and outcome, but there isn’t a task on this list that will have a detrimental effect. Weigh up your options, consider your budget, and begin to increase your property’s value.

  • Understand your own limitations, a botched DIY job will be worse than leaving the task.
  • There are tasks for all budget sizes.

Sometimes it’s worth reaching out to a professional, especially when it comes to your roof. Speak with the experts at Fahey Roofing for free, impartial advice today. In a spot and need emergency roofing? Our emergency roofing infographic should guide you quickly.