Roofing has come a long way over the last few decades. As more advanced roofing materials are developed and new technologies applied in roofing projects, roofs have evolved to a better appearance, durability, quality, and longevity.

With various styles and methods of roofing available, it would be beneficial for homeowners and business owners alike to hire the best roofing Company in Fairmont, WV. So let’s take a closer look at some of the latest innovations being developed within the roofing industry.

Cool roofs

With global temperatures rising, it can be challenging to maintain an adequate indoor temperature without spending much money on your energy bills. The typical roof absorbs the heat from the sun. When it’s combined with poor ventilation, it will increase the demand for cooling and air conditioning systems. Cool roof technology is a great option to help you with that.

Cool roof technology is typically a reflective coating or material that reflects more heat from the sun back to the environment instead of absorbing it. Roofs with lighter colors are generally known as cool roofs. However, there are types of roofing that can be classified as cool roofs regardless of color.

In addition to maintaining optimal indoor temperatures during the day, cool roofs prevent any roof damage caused by sunlight in the long run.

Flat roof membranes

Flat roofs are typical in commercial buildings and houses with a more modern design. However, it can cause many problems for those in areas that experience extreme weather. Traditional flat roofs often suffer from leaks, tears, shrinking, and other forms of roof damage. Fortunately, advances in roof technology led to new solutions and technologies to help these flat roof problems.

Newer types of flat roofing are usually made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO), which are great for maintaining the durability and longevity of the roof. It completely weatherproofs structures and stood up to the test of extreme weather.

Green Roofing

Home and business owners have become increasingly aware of their part in saving energy for a cleaner environment. In recent years, even the roofing sector has developed green and eco-friendly solutions for both its general and ecological advantages.

Most of these solutions incorporate energy efficiency and a cleaner environment like green roofs and garden roofs, which gained traction throughout the country. A green roof is a specially engineered roof that allows the growth of vegetation and plants directly on a roof. Roof gardens are similar in nature but require placing container gardens on a roof.

Green roofs are not just pretty to look at. It purifies air, moderates urban island heat effect, reduce stormwater runoff, increase biodiversity, and reduces the ambient temperature of the immediate vicinity.

Solar Roofs

Another green development is solar shingles. Solar shingles are a relatively new technology that acts similarly to asphalt shingles while harnessing the solar energy of the sun to generate power.

Solar shingles are light and easy to install. You can even easily remove and reinstall them if you wish to relocate. Just like any ordinary shingles, they are designed to withstand weather elements.

Some people might compare them to solar panels. However, solar shingles are more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional bulky solar panels and more cost-effective.

Fireproof roofing

Good fireproof roofing material is essential in areas endangered with fire hazards. Thanks to the advancement of technology in fireproof coatings, a wide variety of options are available to add protection from flames. This includes wooden shakes, slate, tile, volcanic rocks, and metals to draw heat away and resist fires.

These materials are non-combustible. While they may not entirely protect your building or home, they can slow down flames and prevent a lot of unneeded damage.

Roof insulation

A roof is supposed to protect a structure and its inhabitants from all kinds of weather conditions. Insulation will always come in handy for this purpose. Roof insulation reduces unwanted heat loss and gains indoors by adding materials with low thermal conductivity.

Insulation has improved with using woven glass fiber materials that provide excellent insulation. Another type of foam called Polymeric foam also act as great insulators and are durable and last long. This foam is used by spraying it into your roof’s structure. Within seconds, it will expand and fill all gaps and cracks.

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