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Attic Ventilation

attic_ventilation_descriptionAttic ventilation is the constant, year-round movement of air across the attic is a process that can improve home comfort, reduce damage to the roof structure and help keep a roofing warranty valid. Every time stale, overheated air is vented out of the home, and fresh air is pulled in to replace it, you have an “air exchange”. This is a crucial process and the reason why attic ventilation is so important.

How Attic Ventilation Works

The process of air exchange is more than a breeze moving through the home. It’s a process that provides a steady, high volume of air movement. It’s a system of components, all sized and positioned to create a balanced flow of intake and exhaust air moving though the attic. There are of course different solutions to attic ventilation.

Types of Attic Ventilation Exhaust Vents

Ask us about what type of attic ventilation would work best in your home. Part of a healthy roof and proper roofing installation is having great ventilation. Below are some of the types of attic ventilation that we use to keep your roof mold-free and properly circulating air.

Attic Ventilation Tips

Keeping your attic free from mold and mildew seems like an easy task but in fact, it’s not. Below is a list of practical tips that you can check to make sure your home’s attic ventilation is working properly.

[list_item]Have your roof replaced or installed by experts. Don’t opt for the “Do It Yourself” learning videos that you find on YouTube today. If you mess up, the cost of getting your “DIY Roof” replaced is going to be a lot more expensive than a professional roofing company that could have got it right in the first place. [/list_item]
[list_item]Allow your roofing company to suggest some materials for your new roof that might save you time and money. Metal shingles are a create, cost-effective solution to getting a new roof installed.[/list_item]
[list_item]Once you’re new roof is installed by a professional roofing company, make sure it’s insulated properly. Most likely, the roofing company will do this for you, but if they do not, hire professionals.[/list_item]
[list_item]After you’re insulated from the elements and have a brand new roof, double-check with your roofing company about proper ventilation in your attic and under your soffits. This will ensure that mold cannot grow in those areas. Using the best attic ventilation system and do not “cut corners” because it only takes a few years before mold can build up in your attic and cause serious health problems.[/list_item]
[list_item]Finally, after you’ve got a new roof from a professional company, new insulation and a new ventilation system, get on a schedule with your local roofing company for schedule maintenance. This can help ensure that the money you invested in a new roof and new attic ventilation will last the life of your home.[/list_item]

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