Commercial roofing is a valuable investment for any business owner. It plays the crucial role of protecting the entire building and the costly equipment and occupants inside. Unfortunately, many roof owners fail to realize their importance and end up failing to care for their roofs. It ends up sustaining further costly damage and even leads to potential legal fallout.

If you want to protect your property, it’s imperative to keep your commercial roof in good condition. This can be done by having a solid plan and implementing the following practices to your commercial roof projects.

Preventative Maintenance

Building owners and managers need to be more careful with their flat roofs to prevent structural problems like roof leaks. A minor leak in your commercial roof can lead to a catastrophe for your business. If left untreated, it can lead to costly repairs and eventual breakdown. By then, it’s only a matter of time before the roof needs a replacement entirely.

Preventative maintenance proactively predicts and stops the problem before they even materialize by completing a list of regular maintenance tasks. By keeping a strict and proactive eye on your roof, it will stay in good shape and reduce your worries when it comes to managing your commercial building.

Scheduled Maintenance

Unlike preventative maintenance, this program focuses on diagnosing and fixing a problem once the roof has broken down or malfunctioned. Even if you’re actively performing preventative maintenance, it’s easy to overlook red flags and go unnoticed for a long time.

Regular roof inspections from someone who knows what to look for will help you find these hidden issues and urgently carry out the necessary repairs. This can ultimately help prolong the life of the roof while saving you time and money. It’s best to schedule these inspections at least every six months and after extreme weather events.

Roof Inspections After Severe Weather

The roof is one of the building’s first lines of defense. It shelters the important items and occupants in your property from extreme weather conditions. However, the brutal weather can be a tough test for any commercial roof system. It can cause your roof to sustain damage that can weaken the roof.

After a storm hits, do not hesitate to get your roof inspected right away. Even if your roof appears undamaged by the storm, slight damage may be present. This can worsen until it gets bad enough to become noticeable during the next storm. Having a licensed and experienced contractor to immediately perform a thorough inspection after severe weather will give you peace of mind.

Get the Roofing Data and Records

It is a good practice to document all the pertinent data regarding your commercial roof. This should include necessary information like the size, age, and maintenance records. You should also have your complete roofing plan, guarantees, and warranties from both contractor and manufacturer, as well as project logs of workers for other equipment with roof access.

The data collected can be put into good use in creating a good roofing management plan. You can use facility management software to store and update all information. Keeping an organized file with these records will allow you to quickly refer to the data as needed.

Choosing the Right Contractor

Commercial flat roofs are more complicated compared to residential roofs. That’s why it’s imperative to hire skilled and highly trained commercial roofers for these tasks. Many contractors offer their services, but some are not reliable because they don’t have the experience needed to handle such projects.

Roof inspection, remediation, and replacement are serious jobs that, if not executed properly, could have significant negative consequences for the business in question. Therefore, avoid working with amateurs when it comes to roof maintenance. As a proprietor, you must proceed with caution when entrusting your investment.

Find pros who know how the trade works to help extend your roof’s service life. Once you find this qualified company, make sure to establish a healthy business relationship with them. This would ensure that you have a reliable crew that both have the expertise and understands

This way, you could rely on a crew that understands their craft and knows the quirks of your roof whenever you need emergency and regular maintenance services.

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