Top Roof Sealants 2021

Roof sealants cover roof leaks and protect the remaining area of your roof from sunlight and water damage. It does not just simply cover roof leaks, but roof sealants also give an extra protective layer to block sunlight and water penetrating your roof. We all know that your house is your fortress for safety and warmth. The roof completes the purpose of your house, and if your roof is not in its best condition, your safety and comfort might be put at risk.

As a homeowner, you should know the practices and techniques to provide light maintenance for your roof, which does not need a professional service from a roofing contractor. You may try to seal some holes in your roof by using your trusted roof sealants. Sealants come in a variety of materials and forms. To know the best material you should use, we collated an updated top pick of roof sealant for you.

Roof Sealants


Dicor Rubber Roof Sealant

For Roof Sealant brand, Dicor is one of the most popular. This roof sealant product is one of the best products available in the market due to its durability and high-quality bond. The material is made of rubber that is why it is flexible. It can withstand the sun’s impaling heat and cold temperature without breaking. You can easily apply with a paintbrush you can normally find in your storage. You can also use a painting roller or high-pressure spray paint.

Sashco Through-the-Roof Clear Gallon Sealant

Behind the catchy name of the brand is one sturdy sealant. If you want a shielding sealant that can withstand water and leaks, you must add this product to your cart. This sealant is popular due to its resilience against water, dampness, and moisture. It can keep the roof dry against minor and major leaks when applied. It is made of polymers material which can get into the most unreachable grooves, dents, and cracks. The sealant’s formula is designed to provide a permanent solution for roofs that are vulnerable to water. Moreover, it gives an additional layer of water-repulsing coating.

Henry HE587372

Henry always comes at the top of the list for the best roof sealant. It is an elastomeric roof coating that is best in bright white color for enhanced reflectivity. It can reflect the sun by 90% and further diminishes the roof temperature by around 4.44 degrees Celsius. It can help you lessen the maintenance, costs, and energy to make your interior comfortable when the roof is covered with this type of sealant. It is a heavy-duty roof sealant that does not need any applied primer prior to application. The sealant’s material is made up of high-quality resins and pigments, which provide durability. You can use a paint roller, brush, or spray when applying this sealant.

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

For flexible roof sealants, Liquid Rubber is also a chief brand. It is available in seven color options and is one of the best coatings for your vertical and flat roof surfaces. It is a water-based sealant without solvent materials. This sealant is environment and pet-friendly and can be applied for both outdoor and indoor surfaces.

Additionally, you can apply this in planters, ponds, and gutters which add to your money’s worth. This sealant is great for restoration, maintenance and extends the life of your roof, which can help you cut or prevent costs in the future.

Do you have roof problems that roof sealants can’t fix?

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Your Checklist to Prepare your Roof during Winter

Winter is almost waving for a visit in the next coming months. Heavy snow and cold rain will sure fall onto the streets and lawns of your neighborhood. And there’s no stopping this season from occurring. Soon, snow piles and sheets of ice will form an ice rink on sidewalks and rooftops. Your roof acts as a barrier and protection of your family from the outside environment.

Once a blast of snow starts to fall, it will be extremely hard for you to fix any roof problems during winter. Just simply climbing onto your roof and balancing yourself is no easy task, to begin with. The best thing you can do is to prepare your roof, fix any issues before the winter comes.

These checklists will help you prevent winter roof problems and give your roof an extra pill to endure the coming storms the winter entails.

winter roofing


Clean and Inspect your Gutter

It is essential to clean your roof gutters and check for debris, fallen leaves, twigs, and pine needles, especially during the Fall season since fallen leaves and other debris can cause clogging. Gutters are vital in draining water and melting snow. If these are clogged, water or snow can overflow and will cause damage to the overall roof and walls of your home. Unclogging the gutters is a simple process but will take much of your time. You can buy a hose-end attached to your gutter designed to clean them. You can also invest in a gutter screen to prevent leaves and other debris from entering your gutter.

Maintain Trees Surrounding your House


Trees with long branches that hang on your roof add to the stockpiles of debris on your roof and gutters. Even if you clean your gutters, you need to regularly clean them since many leaves and branches are falling onto them. Other dead trees or trees that lean heavily on your home can be a hazard and destructive.

For example, these dead trees can crash in the roof, walls, and windowpanes of your home during continuous rain and snowfalls. The branches of these trees can also be a bridge for wild animals to cross and enter your gutters and attic and might create a temporary habitat. So, taking a simple trim on the trees around your house will prevent these inconveniences.

Inspect Roof Flashing

The snow and the cold temperature it brings can cause your roof flashing to loosen, tear, uplift, and corrode. To prevent major damages during winter, it is highly recommended to check and examine your roof flashing if everything is in order. You can ask for professional help from a roofing contractor for inspection so they can also fix if there are missing and loose pieces in your roof flashing.

Install Ventilation and Insulation

Stay warm, save on other expensive costs, and ensure the integrity of your roof by installing proper attic ventilation and insulation. Insulation keeps you warm and keeps the heat inside your home so you can spend less in running your furnace. Proper insulation maintains your shingles colder, which is the secret to preventing ice dams.

Do you need a professional roofing inspection before the winter comes?

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