Top 4 Tips to Make Your Commercial Roof Last Longer

With a multitude of responsibilities and concerns that you must deal with daily in your business, building upkeep sometimes becomes the least of your worries — especially if things seem to be in order. However, even the way your commercial building can affect the quality of work and your daily processes, so it’s imperative that you are up to date with your building maintenance.

One of the most significant areas of focus should be your roof, as it serves as your first line of defense against external factors that can disrupt operations within your establishment. The best way to ensure that your commercial roof continues to protect your employees, customers, and investments is by making sure that it stays in good shape and lasts long.

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6 Things Homeowners Should Never Do To A Roof [Infographic]

Every homeowner wants to keep their whole house — from the roof to the floor — as well-maintained as possible. But because the roof is perhaps the most inaccessible part of the house, it’s often put out of mind until damages show itself and bother the household. These can be primarily attributed to the constant battering that roofs receive from nature, as well as the natural deterioration after decades of excellent protection.

However, there are also some damages that a roof can sustain not because of the forces of nature or other external factors, but due to negligence and poor treatment from the homeowners themselves. Most of the time, it’s due to an honest mistake of not knowing what can damage roofs apart from their constant exposure.

In this infographic, we discuss six things that homeowners should NEVER do to their roofs if they want to preserve its integrity for decades:

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