5 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Ice Dams on the Roof [Infographic]

Icicles can seem beautiful as it hangs from the roof’s eaves, but it can also cause many problems in the form of ice dams. An ice dam is an accumulation of thick ice on the eaves of your roof during the winter.

Ice dam formation is a result of the freeze-thaw cycle. When the warm air inside your home rises and heats up the roof, the snow can melt from the roof’s slope to the eaves, where the liquid re-freezes due to the colder temperature in this area.

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Importance of Roof Maintenance

Roofs are sturdy structures that protect its occupants and their valuables from intrusions and weather elements. However, its constant exposure to harsh elements will inevitably impact its function and aesthetic value as the years go by.

Any roof damage could lead to possible water damage and leaking which could spread throughout the other primary structures of your home. Damage areas on the roof could also provide an entrance for pests and bacterial colonies that could be harmful to the health of everyone living in the house.

Regular roof maintenance is just as crucial for a home as much as it would be necessary for a person to go to a doctor for a routine checkup. Unfortunately, many homeowners choose to ignore their roof’s health or just don’t comprehend the importance of having it inspected regularly.

Here are some of the benefits of having your roof frequently checked for possible damages.

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