How to Prepare your Roof for the Summer Season

Once summer arrives in full swing, many homeowners might feel relieved by the thought that their roofs will get a much-needed break from harsh weather conditions. After all, summer is about warm and sunny weather. You won’t have to deal with falling temperatures, snow and ice build-ups, and heavy winds.

However, this season also comes with its own set of challenges. The scorching heat, intense sun, and pop-up summer storms can cause damage, especially to an unprepared roof. This can result in potentially costly repairs and internal water leaking issues.

As your home’s first line of defense, make sure that your roof is ready to handle the upcoming weather conditions coming up ahead and follow these simple steps.

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5 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Ice Dams on the Roof [Infographic]

Icicles can seem beautiful as it hangs from the roof’s eaves, but it can also cause many problems in the form of ice dams. An ice dam is an accumulation of thick ice on the eaves of your roof during the winter.

Ice dam formation is a result of the freeze-thaw cycle. When the warm air inside your home rises and heats up the roof, the snow can melt from the roof’s slope to the eaves, where the liquid re-freezes due to the colder temperature in this area.

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