Commercial Roofer in Clarksburg, WV

In need of a commercial roofer in Clarksburg, WV that has the expertise and experience to repair or replace your building’s roofing system? If so, then Fahey Roofing + Contracting is the team you’re looking for.



Clarksburg, WV Commercial Roofing Contractor

Many facility and establishment owners across West Virginia give a little thought to their roof until there’s an issue. If you’re not performing routine maintenance on your building’s roof, there could be unseen, insidious damages occurring which could lead impact not only the safety of its occupants but your day-to-day business operations as well.

A well-maintained commercial roof will not only keep your facility occupants safe from external hazards but ensures that all equipment and machineries inside it are protected as well.

As a business owner, you may not have the luxury of time to conduct regular roof checkup. As such, some minor damages like water leaks and damaged shingles may be left unnoticed for a long time until they evolve into more aggravating issues.

In a business standpoint, the last thing you want is for those minor roofing issues to turn into major problems which could impact your overall business expenses. With the help of commercial roofing professionals, you will be able to execute small spot repairs which can delay the major expense of total roof replacement.

Population: 16,242

Median Resident Age: 38.7

Zip Codes: 26301

County: Harrison County

Estimated Median Household Income: $39,146

Unemployment: 8.8%

Land Area: 9.52 square miles

Population Density: 1,706 per square mile

Data Source: z

Clarksburg was created in Virginia in 1785. It was named in honor of General George Rogers Clark, a military officer from Virginia during the American Revolutionary War. John Simpson camped in the area in 1764 and was the first white man to visit Clarksburg. The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad first reached the area in 1856. The city is the county seat of Harrison County, which was established in 1784.