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Commercial Roofing Services WV, OH & KY

Fahey is a full-service commercial roofing company specializing in flat re-roofing and commercial roof repairs. Whether you have an emergency leak that requires immediate assistance or would like to schedule a commercial roof inspection, contact us.



Expert Commercial Roofing Services in WV, OH, and KY

Businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on providing their customers with the best first impression and experience possible when visiting their facility. No matter the facility, having a commercial building with a fully functioning roof goes a long way toward putting your best foot forward. With the help of Fahey Roofing + Contracting’s commercial roofing services, we can help stop leaks, perform necessary repairs, and keep your visitors happy.

Fahey is a full-service commercial roofing company specializing in flat re-roofing and commercial roof repairs. Whether you have an emergency leak that requires immediate assistance or would like to schedule a commercial roof inspection, contact us.

The Different Types of Commercial Roof Repairs in WV, OH, and KY

With the variety of commercial facilities within the West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio Tri-State area, each roof presents unique challenges. Different roofing materials require different repair techniques, and our commercial roofing experts are ready to help make your building look as good as new.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Roofing Repairs

Our commercial roofing experts understand how much time and money you could lose from unaddressed damage to your roof. Whether it’s ponding water on a flat roof, a leak that threatens the integrity of your building, or shingling that’s cracked or loose, our commercial roofing services are available for timely and effective assistance. We excel at diagnosing problems, and we’ve mastered a wide range of repairs. When we perform a repair, it lasts.

EPDM Roofs

EPDM Roofs Installations and Repairs in WV, OH, and KY

EPDM roofing is a standard choice for commercial buildings and offers several benefits, including reliability in harsh weather and extreme temperatures. When our commercial roofing contractors work on your flat roof, we handle every step with care. As a result of our exemplary commercial roofing services, you’ll be able to enjoy a roof that retains its strength for years and gives you a satisfactory return on investment.

Commercial Metal Roofs

High-Quality Metal Roofs in WV, OH, KY

A metal roof has impressive longevity and rot, water seepage, and fire resistance. Metal can also boost your building’s energy efficiency — resulting in reduced energy costs and less impact on the environment. Our commercial roofing company is capable of working with different kinds of metal roofs, and we can help you pick a cost-effective roof that makes your investment worthwhile.

TPO Roofs

TPO Roofs Installations and Repairs Throughout WV, OH, and KY Tri-State Area

TPO is a newer type of roof, and its popularity has shot up in recent years, leading to its widespread use across a variety of commercial buildings. With our expert services, your roof will be installed properly. Your building will receive superior protection and enjoy some of the benefits of energy efficiency that this type of roof can provide.

TPO Roofs

Professional Roof Coatings in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky

By giving your roof additional protection, we help it do its job of protecting your building and preserving comfortable indoor conditions. The right coating will exert a powerful restorative effect on your roof. The roof will be able to last for a longer time while preserving its important qualities, including improved weather resistance and energy efficiency.


Integrity is our commercial roofing service’s core principle. Our dedication to showcasing our integrity gets expressed in multiple ways by our team daily. It emerges in the demands we make on our team and the high standards to which we hold every project. It’s reflected in the honesty and fairness we bring to the relationship with our valued customers. We honor our commitments and have cultivated a sterling reputation based on our successful projects and profound respect for people.

If your business needs the help of a commercial roofing service? That’s where Fahey Roofing + Contracting can help! Our team also specializes in residential roofing installations and repairs. Contact us to get your free quote and get the process started today!

Even as we stick to your budget, we don’t skimp on the quality of the materials. No part of your roof should be defective or shoddy; you deserve a roof that won’t let you down. The materials we choose will last and give you long-term benefits.

We respect your time and the demands of your schedule. Before starting any project, we make sure we’re working at your convenience. We aim to minimize interference and prevent disruptions that will lead to exasperating and costly delays.

It’s inconvenient and painful to watch a roofing project drag on and get bogged down in inefficiency. Without being careless or neglectful, our team works quickly to provide you with the commercial roofing services you need.

It’s important to us that you receive lasting value from your investment in roofing products. In addition to offering you reasonable prices for initial installations, we find ways for you to save money over longer periods of time.


We know how chaotic and hectic it can be to try and find a roofing contractor who you know can get the job done—not just on time, but right the first time. We stick to the rigid building codes that our industry follows so that your roof not only looks good, but is safe as well.
Can I re-roof or do I have to tear off my existing commercial roof?
Installing a new roof over an existing one is a budget-friendly option, and it may be acceptable if the old roof is in good condition. However, there are situations that require tearing off the old roof. If your building already has two roofs, it won’t be legal to add another one, because it may place too much stress on the structure. Extensive damage is another reason to remove the existing roof; maybe it’s saturated in water or showing instability. Trying to install a new one over it would lead to costly problems later on.
How do I know if my business needs a new roof?
You can’t always tell when a new roof is necessary. Sometimes, the damage is obvious. You may be spotting cracks, holes, leaks, and mold in various places. Other times, the deterioration is more subtle. Replacing the roof in a timely way will spare you from further damage. To know for sure if your roof needs replacing, consult with a reputable contractor. Our experts will give you a free and accurate evaluation of your commercial roof.
When should I schedule my roof survey?
Schedule your roof survey as soon as you can. The spring and fall are recommended times for these surveys, especially because summer and winter weather patterns are the most likely to damage your roof. To guarantee the services of a top roofing contractor, try to schedule each survey months in advance. For example, in the late summer, you can schedule a survey for the following spring.
How much will my new roof cost?
The cost of your roof depends on a variety of factors. You need to consider the size of the roof, the number of vents and other roof penetrations, the insulation you’re using, and the type of membrane. The roof’s condition and accessibility also influence the cost of a new installation. You can count on us for a thorough and accurate assessment. We’ll also help you create a budget for the project.
How long does it take to install a new commercial roof?
Each roof installation is a unique project. We work on a variety of commercial structures, and each one has its own demands. Some installations may take only a few days, while others may take a few weeks. All kinds of variables influence the length of the project, including the weather, the ease of obtaining permits, and the particular type of roof we’re working on. Before the project begins, our roofing experts will provide you with a reasonable timeline.