Needless to say, the roof is a vital component in any property. Hence, you need to consider the proper installation, maintenance, and repairs of your roof to keep the entire structure in top shape for many years. Proper roofing services can also save you lots of cash and keep headaches away in the long run.
Unfortunately, widespread myths and misconceptions are floating around about roofing issues and roofing services that have discouraged homeowners from procuring professional help. Don’t fall for those myths. Making decisions based on misinformation can lead to more problems, including structural damage, moisture problems, and high energy bills.

Let’s take a look and dismantle a few myths about roofing services plaguing the roofing industry.

Roof Maintenance is Optional

Many homeowners tend to believe that roof maintenance is a waste of time and money. This is because roofs have become stronger, more durable, and efficient due to recent advancements in technology and materials.
While many roofing materials are low maintenance, no one has yet developed a maintenance-free roof. As such, you shouldn’t skimp on maintenance. Roof inspection and maintenance can extend the life span of your system and help detect minor issues before they cause significant damage. When you cut down on roof maintenance, leading to costly repairs in the future or early replacement.

Roof maintenance also keeps roof warranties effective as manufacturers will void your warranty when your roof lacks proper care. It will also provide a paper trail of your roof that you can use if you ever end up needing to file an insurance claim. This will prevent your insurance company from blaming the damage on something other than a valid insured peril.

Gutters Don’t Need to be Included During Roof Maintenance

Some people completely forget about their gutters when thinking of roof maintenance. However, your gutters are an essential part of your roof. They divert rainwater safety away from your home, protecting it from moisture-related damage.

Keeping your gutters at their best through routine maintenance is essential for the roof’s overall condition. When the gutters are neglected, it becomes clogged with fallen leaves, branches, and other debris that stops it from draining water away from the rooftop. As a result, many problems can develop with your roof, siding, landscape, and foundation.

Choose the Cheapest Roofing Materials Since They Are All the Same

When installing new roofing materials, you’ll find that the market has plenty of roofing materials options to offer. However, some homeowners believe that there is no difference between all of them. Roofs are expected to stand the test of time and weather, and any of these materials can do the job. This is why people choose roof materials based on their price.

However, this is simply not true. The truth is that roofing materials in the market are not manufactured equally. From wood, asphalt, to metal roofing options, every type of roofing material has its own strengths and drawbacks.
Before making a purchase, you have to carry out proper research beforehand and make thorough comparisons to find the best roofing material. You can also consult your roofing contractor for recommendations to help you get the best roof for your needs and budget. Do not simply refer to the price as a valid pointer to shingle quality.

It Doesn’t Matter Which Company You Hire for an Emergency Repair

Generally, it’s best to call in a roofing professional for any issue causing significant structural damage to the roof. However, you shouldn’t just panic and hire whoever happens to be available first. This can make you vulnerable to scams.

“Storm chasers” are the most common example of this problem. These roofers often show up right after a storm, offering the lowest possible bid. Unsuspecting homeowners take the deal to save money, then end up with shoddy repairs and use substandard products.

Hiring an amateur or non-certified roofer can also void your workmanship warranty. This becomes a problem when something else goes wrong later since the original installer won’t cover the repair costs because another roofer was hired to do the work.

You Can Easily Do Roof Repairs Yourself

DIY roof repairs aren’t entirely out of the realm of possibility. Some homeowners had been doing minor roof repairs on their own to save some money. It is also easy to find some online videos that can teach you how to do roof repairs. However, no amount of DIY tutorial videos on YouTube can replace years of knowledge and experience.
Doing the roof repairs yourself can give you a tough time. It requires a deeper knowledge and expertise on the repairing process and the right tools and proper safety equipment.

If you are inexperienced with going up the roof, you can get yourself hurt or damage your roof further. A sloppy DIY job can cause more problems in the future. As such, it’s better to consult qualified roofing professionals to deal with repairs or any roofing services that you need.

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