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From the time that home builders place the roofing of a house, different environmental factors start to affect its structure, leading to roof damage over time. Learning how to spot probable damages can help homeowners look for roof maintenance solutions appropriately.

By environmental factor, this article will mainly focus on the roof damages that are caused by storms—and here is the list:

  1. Wind damage

Before storms kick in, rough winds touch down on houses, and they can bring real problems to your roofing. Shingles that act as your roof’s first line of defense against storms can be blown off or torn by strong winds, and debris that is sent flying by high wind speeds can cause roof holes and cracks.

For a preventive measure, make sure that you ask contractors about warranties that can cover wind damage while it’s still under construction to help you when the time comes

  1. Water Damage

This is the most common type of damage that can affect the roof and the whole home structure if left unchecked. Water damage can come from heavy rains or snow that have melted, and these can make their way from your roof and leak into the walls of the house.

Furthermore, water damage can create moisture that causes rot and growth of molds or mosses, inviting pests that make their home in the weakened roof structure.

The common signs of water damage are holes in the roof, water stains on walls that can later create water pockets or ice dams during winter. Immediately call a roofing construction’s help when you see the signs to prevent further damage.

  1. Hail Damage

This roof damage may not be as typical as the first two on the list, but unimaginable damages can start from there when the hail comes. Whether the hail droplets are small or large, high-speed impacts can leave holes on the roof, cracked shingles, and chipped sidings.

When hail storms pass, check your roofing for signs of damage to know if the damage can be repaired using sealants or, if necessary, a roof replacement.

  1. Impact Damage

Trees make a home fabulous with the shade it gives during sunny days and the relaxing atmosphere it gives off during the fall season. Still, the impact made by falling debris and trees in a storm time usually damages the roof of a house, and eventually, a part of the property.

With that, homeowners are advised to make necessary budget planning and allocation for home repairs, especially when a storm so strong pass by the beloved home and make trees fall because of extreme wind pressure.

A proper way to prepare for potential storms that can make trees fall is to cut them short before it happens. It will save more money on the homeowner’s part. But if the inevitable happens, look for the roofing company you hired to work on the job to help with the repairs.

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