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Commercial properties play a crucial role in the economy and most of the country’s major industries. It provides the general public with areas where they can work, shop, or even live in. As such, building owners should bear in mind one of the essential elements of their building, the roof.

As the roof protects the occupants and the building itself, commercial building owners must take care of the roof to maintain its functionality for much longer. A longer lifespan means waiting more years to carry out an expensive project like a roof replacement, saving the company from many bills.

Businesses can also help the environment with a longer-lasting roof as it prevents more materials from winding up in the landfill.

While commercial roofs have a long life expectancy, several factors can affect how long it will last. Every business owner or commercial building owner is responsible for knowing how to determine these factors to ensure that your roof will be with you for a long time.

  1. Annual Maintenance

All roofs will eventually be subjected to wear and tear as they age. Performing maintenance from time to time can help it last for as long as possible. Proper maintenance includes inspection, debris removal, drains and gutters clean, and a recommended action based on urgent levels for repairs.

An annual roof maintenance plan is designed to catch the small problems before they grow into larger ones. It can save a lot more money compared to repairing damage from growing, undetected leaks or a full roof replacement caused by catastrophic roof failure.

Proper maintenance is also essential for warranties as the lack of proper documentation of a regularly scheduled roof maintenance can cause the warranty to void.

  1. Weather

Most roofing systems are designed to endure extreme weather conditions like heavy rain, strong winds, and even snow and hail. However, prolonged exposure to severe conditions will eventually damage the structural integrity of your commercial roof. Even extremely sunny weather can become a problem as continuous UV exposure can degrade most roofing materials.

While the weather is not something you can control, it is something you can prepare for. Take the proper precautions to prepare for harsh weather and the sun. It’s also vital that the roof is inspected whenever harsh weather hits.

  1. Roof Coatings

Roof coatings create a barrier against potential roofing hazards such as foot traffic, penetration hazards, and weather elements. Weather elements such as UV rays, rain, hail, sleet, and snow can cause significant damage that roof coatings can protect your roof from.

A white or reflective coating will reflect the sun’s rays away from the building instead of absorbing them. The watertight seal of these coatings can also reduce the likelihood of pooling on your commercial roofs. Since most commercial roofs don’t have a steeper pitch like residential roofs, roof coatings prevent water accumulation from causing roof damage.

While a roof can function without a roof coating, it’s an excellent investment to protect and add a few years to the lifespan of a roof while it’s still in good condition.

  1. Proper insulation and ventilation

A commercial building needs to be ventilated and insulated properly to keep the roof cool as it’s essential for airflow and moisture reduction. Insufficient insulation and ventilation cause warm and moist air to build up, which puts pressure on your shingles from inside out. In turn, your roof will start deteriorating, which can quickly cut years off its life.

Inadequate insulation and ventilation can also cause water accumulation, ice dam formation, and mold and rot in the commercial roof’s structural elements. Additionally, insulation and ventilation are also crucial to the regulation of your HVAC equipment.

A well-insulated building will always have a nice and cozy interior all year round that will help with productivity and help lower utility bills.

  1. Materials

Roofing materials are one of the most critical factors to consider as some materials have different durability than others. The market offers multiple options for your commercial roof, with each material having different levels of endurance and different life expectancy. For the best interest of your business, consider using materials with a long lifespan.

  1. Professional installation

The best roofing materials in the world are not enough to have a long-lasting roof. A commercial roof needs proper installation as it undergoes a high amount of stress from dynamic movement and changing weather conditions. Improper installation can cause a large variety of problems, such as sagging and leaking.

A roof can only be as good as the installation. Workmanship errors are common causes of premature replacements and early deterioration, so it’s essential to hire a well-established roofer to ensure proper installation.

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