Roof problems always cause inconvenience and undoubtedly a significant expense. It’s why proper and routine maintenance should take the highest priority on your list of maintenance issues as these minor problems can eventually become catastrophic.

Keep the roof in good shape by regularly checking on it. While it’s better if inspections and maintenance are done by professionals, some problems can be easy enough to identify on your own. You only have to pay attention and know these warning signs.

Water Spots on the Ceiling

A ceiling stain is often an indication of a leak on your roof. However, this doesn’t mean that the leak is just where the ceiling shows damage. A roof leak can be tricky to pinpoint. Leaks are especially difficult to locate since the water doesn’t necessarily drip straight down. Instead, it can travel along roof panels or the lumber in the attic before dripping onto the insulation. This results in a water spot on the ceiling.

However, water spots on the ceiling don’t automatically mean that the roof is leaking. It could be caused by a slew of reasons such as condensation, plumbing, or even condensation on the plumbing pipes. But the roof is still something owners should investigate especially when the spots appear, darken, and grow in size after it rains.

Loss of Granules

Granules are commonly used in asphalt roofs as protection against the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. It’s natural for this roofing material to lose some granules, so owners do not necessarily need to be concerned. However, it becomes a clear sign of roof damage when granules start to fall off and accumulate in gutters.

There are several reasons for roof shingles to lose their granules. It might mean that shingles are deteriorating or has reached the end of their lifespan. Severe weather elements such as thunderstorms and hailstorms can also knock granules loose. Poor installation and quality material can also be a cause. A bad batch of shingles can quickly lose granules even when they’re new.

Damaged or Missing Shingles

Prolonged exposure to high heat and other weather conditions can loosen and move materials from their positions over time. It could also mean that the shingles are approaching the end of its service life. When this happens, the house becomes open to water infiltration and possibly damage the structure’s interior.

Before it turns into a bigger problem, owners should look for shingles with signs of cracking or discoloration. If caught early, these patchy areas can be repaired without affecting the performance or the life expectancy of the roof.

Higher electricity bill

An old, damaged or wrong type of roofing material could lead to all of the heat and energy leaking out through the roof which results in a higher electricity bill even when you think you’ve done everything to save and conserve energy.

The roof can be the culprit for the extreme energy bills regardless of the season. The damage spots on the roof create an opening for air to leak out which means your HVAC unit has to work twice to maintain the temperature inside.

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