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As many homeowners know, costly projects like a home improvement can sometimes be overwhelmingly expensive. Roof replacement projects are among the most expensive expenditure, with costs often rising as high as thousands of dollars.

Still, this is a necessary expense that comes with owning a home. If done correctly, your new roof will be performing at its best for years after your initial investment.

Most people tend to go for the lowest bid to save money. However, this isn’t the wisest decision if you value your roof’s quality craftsmanship and integrity. A cheaper roof replacement typically leads to shoddy quality. This will ultimately lead to numerous roof problems down the line leading to paying more for repairs or early replacement.

A qualified and professional roofing contractor will ensure that your roof will be at its peak performance for a long time. You may not feel qualified to inspect for quality after the job is finished. However, you don’t actually need to be an expert to spot quality work. Here are a few indications that your roofing contractor did a good job.

Proper Roof Removal

Before installing a new roof, roofers will typically tear off the existing roof. This means removing everything from old shingles to the underlayment. While leaving the preexisting roof is a common practice to save time and money, it is not always the best move. However, it is your only option when you already have two layers.

A complete tear-off is necessary to make space for the new roof and find any decking problems underneath the roof. It is essential that the decking is in good condition before installation because it can affect the long-term durability of the new shingles. The decking also serves as a solid base to keep nails and roofing materials in place.

If it is compromised or had started to rot, it won’t be long until your roof starts developing problems. Roofers who pay attention to good workmanship would not suggest adding another layer of shingles, especially when there are already two layers of this roofing material.

At the same time, they will ensure that they have the right equipment, manpower and take great care to make sure every possible obstruction is cleared from the roof deck.

Even and Uniform in Appearance

The most straightforward way to check the quality of the roof installation is to look at how the shingles have been aligned. The cutouts on the three-tab shingles should be vertical, while the butt joints need to be on the same horizontal plane.

Ideally, your roof should look completely uniform throughout. The shingles should be symmetrical and precisely aligned. Additionally, the shingles should have the same color and kind of material from beginning to end.

You might think that some flaws in appearance may seem alright if they can’t be seen from a distance or the ground. After all, it wouldn’t affect the roof’s ability to protect your home. However, misalignment of shingles can actually have an impact on the roof’s performance. As a result, water can seep in between the cracks and ruin the sheathing underneath.

Additionally, this mistake can also show that the roofer most likely took shortcuts during the project. It is safe to assume that it did not take the time and effort to make the finished product look right.

Strategically Placed Nails

Roofers wouldn’t use your average nails. Instead, they use roofing nails that are specially designed to fasten shingles. Roofing nails are available in all types, materials, and various sizes. However, these nails share one helpful characteristic of having a diamond-shape point that keeps the decking intact when it punctures through. They also need to be corrosion-resistant.

Plenty of factors should also be considered to ensure that the shingles are properly nailed down. This includes the number of nails, depth, and the locations and positions where the nails should be placed. Most of the time, roofers follow the specifications in the application instruction.

Nails that are properly nailed will stay in place and stop leaks from occurring. When a shingle isn’t fixed correctly, it can lead to blow-offs, buckling, raised tabs, and sealing failures. It can also expose the nails in the underlayment, leading to staining and, eventually, leaks.

A Clean Job Site

After replacing the roof, check to see if the surrounding area after the roof was kept clean. A completely spotless job site is nearly impossible. Still, excellent contractors are professionals that will do their best to keep your landscape intact and clean throughout the project.

Before the project could begin, contractors will be using cardboard sheets or boards to protect the lawn around the house. They will also bring a dumpster to the job site to put any excess materials and scraps from the yard. This will ensure that no leftovers get left behind around your home.

Implement Effective Flashing Practices

Water leaks are one of the common causes of damage to the home and roof. Some parts of the roofs and exterior walls are particularly prone to leaks and water damage. This includes valleys, the intersection between a dormer wall and the roof surface, and perimeters of chimney and skylight, which are basically areas where two opposing surfaces meet.

Roof flashing is a material made out of metal that is resistant to moisture and other weather conditions. Therefore, placing this material around leak-prone areas would be ideal for preventing water from leaking into your home. Professional roofers will properly flash the roof and waterproof the penetrations during installation, keeping you from costly repairs down the road.

Some roofers find installing flashing tedious and a time-consuming aspect of roof installation. As a result, they will attempt to reuse old flashing materials from past jobs or substitute metal flashing with roof cement or ineffective caulks. A responsible and qualified roofing company will never do these flashing materials.

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