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Fahey Roofing + Contracting siding is installed by our professionals who work exclusively with siding and trim all day every day. Our vinyl siding specialists are prompt and courteous, and are trained to maintain a clean work site.




Installing new siding is a major investment. Siding serves as a shield that helps protect your house from rough weather, including rain and snow. It contributes to the insulation of your home and acts as a barrier against moisture intrusion, pests, and mold. Along with its protective purposes, it plays a key role in the beauty and curb appeal of your home. With high-quality siding, your home has more value for yourself and for prospective buyers and tenants. When it’s time for you to install new siding, you can’t settle for cheap, poorly made materials that won’t last long. You also shouldn’t settle for an inferior installation. You need trustworthy, skilled, and experienced professionals whose installation projects are free from costly errors.

Before we install new siding, we make sure that we fully understand your preferences and your budget constraints. We examine your home to determine if there are any underlying problems to address before the installation. Based on your home’s architectural style, we can recommend certain colors or textures for your new siding. We also make sure you understand your options and that you’re making decisions that give you the best long-term value. Once the project begins, you can count on us to treat your home with care. We follow rigorous standards for workmanship and safety. At any time, you can ask us questions or give us feedback. When the project is done, we’ll clean up thoroughly and ensure that you love the results. You deserve new siding that strengthens your home and makes it more beautiful.


We work with the nation’s leading producer of siding, backed by a manufacturer warranty as well as Fahey’s Workmanship Warranty.

With its low maintenance requirements and long life expectancy, vinyl siding delivers high value at an affordable price.

Our siding options are available in a diverse palette of attractive colors: base colors from rich, deep hues to light neutrals.
Our siding has the ability to weather all conditions in the unique climate you live.
Hail, rocks, baseballs . . . no matter what is thrown at you, all our siding options for your home are designed to absorb the shock of everyday life.


We know how chaotic and hectic it can be to try and find a siding contractor who you can trust. We stick to the rigid building codes that our industry follows so that your siding not only looks good, but is safe as well.

Is a full siding replacement our only option after a severe hail storm?
Until we assess the damage to your home, we won’t be able to tell you what type of service you’ll need after a hail storm. In some cases, your siding may require only a partial replacement. Other times, if the damage is severe, you may need a full replacement. Regardless of which service you require, we ensure that the damage gets fixed and that the replacement siding matches your home. You won’t have to worry about clashing colors and other types of unevenness.
We’re planning on selling our home, but it’s lacking curb appeal. Is siding replacement a good investment for selling our property?
If your siding is damaged, you’ll have a much harder time selling your home. Damaged siding reduces your curb appeal, and it makes prospective buyers uneasy about the durability of your home. Replacing your siding is an excellent investment that will increase the chances of a sale at a price that’s favorable to you. Keep in mind that you may not need to replace all of your siding. A partial replacement can still significantly improve your home’s appearance.
Do I need to paint or prep my property prior to siding installation?
Other than hiring a skilled contractor, there’s little that you need to do to prepare for a new installation. Trimming trees or shrubs near your home can be helpful and will give your contractor easier access. Other than clearing space near your home, you won’t have to make preparations. Your contractor will handle every aspect of the project. If your current siding is in good condition, the new siding may be installed over it. Otherwise, it will need to be removed first before the new installation.
What about my soffits and eaves? Do these need to be replaced during siding replacement?
When you install new siding, you’re changing the appearance of your home. In most cases, you won’t be using the exact same color or texture as before. During your siding replacement, it’s generally a good idea to replace the soffits and eaves, which are an overhanging part of your roof structure. The new soffits and eaves will better match the new siding. Plus, if they’re damaged, you’ll need to replace them anyway.
Can siding replacement improve my property’s energy efficiency?
With new siding, your home can become more energy efficient. Assuming you choose a high-quality product and rely on the services of an experienced contractor, your new siding will be more effective at helping to insulate your home. Because of acute damage or long-term deterioration, your old siding isn’t going to perform as well. Before replacing your old siding, make sure to evaluate your options. Siding products vary in how much they impact the energy efficiency of your home.