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Roofing materials may vary depending on the homeowners’ location or your geographical location since different locations have varying climates and weather conditions. Your geographic location plays a huge part in what kind of roofing material you will have. The preferences you have may differ in another location.

Homeowners in different locations will have diverse opinions on what is the best roofing material for them. Let’s see the best roofing materials for different geographic areas.

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To kick off this list, one of the most common roofing materials

that you will see all over the state is Asphalt. This type of roof shingles lasts up to 20 years, known for its sturdy quality.

They are practical and add aesthetic appeal to the overall look of your house. This material complements different temperatures in different locations. Although, if you are residing in a hotter location, this type of roofing material might deteriorate faster than its known lifespan.

On the other hand, Asphalt is famous on the east coast since it has colder or damper climate conditions.

Southeast residents

mostly experience hurricanes, tropical storms, or other rain events. In these geographical areas, metal roofing is the most popular and wise option. This kind of material is not affected by humidity and moisture due to the current climate that homeowners experience in this location. Molds, algae, or other related moisture issues will not develop in this kind of material. In addition, it has an ample range of styles where you can choose from to acquire a better accent for your home.

For people who are in Northeast areas,

the best natural choice is asphalt shingles. For the harsh cold winters, you might want to insulate your home continuously, and the perfect way to go is Asphalt. It can also support a considerable amount of snowfall falling on your roof. This material is resilient, light, and flexible. Moreover, there are wide options for patterns and colors, plus you can purchase them at a reasonable price.

For Midwest regions,

the most recommended roofing material is slate tiles. The weather patterns in this location are varying. The winter season in this geographical area can cast a heavy amount of snow on your roof. This material can stand up against heavy snowfall. Even hailstones in the spring, slate tiles will remain strong under pressure. It might be expensive compared to other roofing materials, but its lifespan is counted in decades, not in years, so that you can get your money’s worth.

For people living in the Great Plains states,

the best material to go with is wood. Wood roofing material allows air to travel in the attic and gives better insulation for your home throughout the year. Wood material is affordable but requires regular maintenance. It is wind resistant and eco-friendly. Furthermore, it gives your home a different look since wood shingles change over time. So even if you and your neighbor have similar material, it will still look different from the other.

To acquire the best roofing material appropriate for your geographical location, it is wise to call a professional roofing contractor for assistance.

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