In full swing of summer, you may have noticed issues arising with your roof. We’re almost at the end of the season and while it may not seem like the past sweltering and humid months are particularly tough on your roof, it may still need a bit of care from time to time to make it through the summer season without any issues.

Here are some tips to discover the summer damage on your roof and have it repaired before it’s too late. This would keep your roof in top-notch shape to solve or prevent problems.

Clean Gutters

Gutters are part of your roofing system that performs the critical task of directing water off you’re your roof and onto the ground, safely away from your home’s foundation. As the most high-maintenance areas of your roof, your gutters and downspouts should be kept in an excellent working condition to have a quality roof system.

If you haven’t already, make sure to check and clean out your gutters. They tend to collect all kinds of debris that by the end of summer, such as twigs, pine needles, seedpods, and bird’s nests. This debris will damage gutters or block water flow unless it is cleared out.

The water can properly flow through your gutters without getting blocked or stuck. Clean out your gutters of all leaves, branches, and debris that might have fallen in from winds and rains, then use a trowel or brush to remove the sludge. As long as these gutters are clear and properly working, your roof will remain in tip-top shape.

The last step to cleaning your gutters is to douse it with a hose. Installing gutter guards would also help protect against leaf clogs when autumn comes.


Since rainfall is at the minimum during summer, many homeowners think it’s the last thing they need to worry about for roof damage during this season. However, as we transition to another season, you can expect the weather to change along with it.

Before summer ends, inspect your roof and make sure that no leaks take place later on in the year.

There isn’t any shortage of storms during the summer months, so if you notice that there are stains on your ceiling when it rains, there’s a high chance that the leak on your roof is left unchecked. You will also see a water trail which will help you find the source of the leak.

If there is no rainfall, you can still check for leaks in the attic by simulating rain. Pour the roof with water using a hose and have someone check for any signs of leaks. After finding the cause, you will be able to take action and repair any damages.

Checking the attic for the source of any leaks is highly essential. At first, it may seem like a small matter. However, it can always lead to extensive and complex water damage immediately if it’s left on its own.

Water damage can be a severe hazard to any residential property. The repairs for its damage also cost considerable amounts of money as well. If you pay attention to signs of possible leaking at all times, you can protect yourself from the stress and irritation that comes with the costly and time-consuming repair work from water damage.

Check the Shingles

One of the first and most important places to start looking for repairs is with shingles. Roofing materials may be designed to be long-lasting, plenty of materials including Asphalt shingles can begin to degrade after being regularly exposed to high temperatures repeatedly.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause shingles to crack, warp, decay, and break. Some may even slide off, eventually going missing. This would allow moisture to pass through the roof and into the wooden structures of the home.

Owners should look for shingles with signs of cracking or discoloration before it turns into a bigger problem. A roof with missing shingles would also show signs of dark spots on the ceiling and the roof itself. This occurs because shingles fade in sunlight, and when a shingle beneath another shingle is suddenly exposed, it will appear to be darker.

These patches areas could be repaired without affecting the performance or the life expectancy of the roof if it was caught early. You need to invest in a quick repair as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might be faced with a more expensive replacement bill down the line.

Call your Trusted Roofing Contractor

It may seem easy at first, but fixing your roof can be difficult. It takes a lot of skills to need to replace shingles and repair leaks. A few YouTube tutorials are not enough to do any roofing projects. Those skills would only be developed while working on roofs. A lot of roofs! Doing this on your own could have negative consequences.

Professional roofing contractors have been in the industry for many years and have sufficient knowledge of the technicalities of roofing processes and procedures on different types of roofing projects for clients. They may also have expertise in working with specific roof materials or styles.

A roofer can deliver an excellent result without any mistakes. While you can do minor repairs on your own, they can ensure that your roof remains and undamaged for a long time. You can also rest easy that the root of the problem has been solved neatly and efficiently, not just put a Band-Aid solution over your roofing problems.

In these instances, do not hesitate to contact a professional for your West Virginia roofing and Ohio roofing needs. Fahey Roofing Contractors is the trusty roofing contractor that will help with necessary roof repairs and replacement. Check out our residential and commercial roof repair services on our website or contact us at (304) 826-1333 to learn more.