Roofs are the most significant investment any homeowner could make for their homes. It’s also the most important one. Roofs are responsible for protecting the home from external factors like rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. When your roof is experiencing problems, it can lead to all sorts of issues throughout your home.

That is why there is great care in the design and installation of the roof to ensure it can protect for decades. However, the materials and procedure aren’t the only things that make a high-quality roof. Customizing your roof by adding accessories can also improve its functionality. These roof accessories can also make your roof more aesthetically pleasing and unique.

Here are some accessories to add if you want to customize your roof.


Every house has gutters. However, you may encounter some places without gutters. It may seem strange, but it does happen. While some may think that it’s alright for some home designs to install gutters, most homes are generally a necessity.

Gutters aren’t just a decorative installation, but they serve an essential purpose. It collects the water that travels down the roof, leading it into the downspouts and away from your home. This saves your roof, walls, and even foundation from years of water damage.


Flashing can usually be found in the house’s external areas, including doors, porches, walls, windows, and even the foundation. However, it is primarily used on the roof. Flashing is applied in various roof areas that come into contact with walls, sidewalls, and protrusions like skylights and vents.

Flashing is a weatherproof material composed of aluminum, copper, galvanized steel, or stainless steel. It plays a crucial role in moving water away from your roof and prevent water damage and even erosion. Without flashing, your roof would almost certainly develop leaks over time.


Dormers can add beauty and appeal to your interior and exterior when you carefully consider when or where to add them. They are architectural window features that pop out of the roof instead of being set into an angle like skylights. The built-in structure adds space and height to a loft, even providing a nook in the living space wall that can be used for a window seat, bed, play area, or desk space.

Many people invest in dormer roofs to transform dark and stuffy attic spaces into bright and spacious living areas. The window openings bring natural light into the small holes, making them look more inviting and homey. Although dormer roofs require significant alterations to a roof’s structure, the payoff is definitely worth the effort.

Snow Retention Accessories

Those living in areas susceptible to snow could benefit from snow would help from snow retention accessories. The accumulated snow on the roof can lead to catastrophe once it begins to melt. It can fall off all at once and cause severe damage to landscapes, adjacent roofs, gutters, and vehicles. Sometimes, the avalanche of snow can hurt and injure any passers-by.

Snow retention systems, more commonly known as snow guards or snow stops, are designed to avoid potential damages. The idea is to hold snow and ice on the roof surface until they can melt and fall safely instead of getting dumped all at once. Additionally, snow retention systems can also manage water and prevent ice dams from forming at valley areas of the roof.


Skylights are essentially a fixed window installed into the roof instead of the wall. It’s an addition that adds beauty and value to your home. They are a source of natural light that can lighten and brighten up any dark and dreary rooms. It can also provide a lovely view of the night sky for those who want to enjoy a night of stargazing.

Using the skylight roof can also help save energy. Natural light can help you save electricity for your home lighting. In addition, you no longer have to turn on your lights for the daytime as using skylights will brighten you.

Some might be wary of installing skylights as they had been notorious for being a source for leaks. Still, modern materials and correct flashing ensure that this is no longer an issue.

Roof Vents

Roof ventilation systems are designed to allow air to circulate through the attic to keep the temperatures regulated. In the summer, the vents reduce heat build-up, which cuts down cooling costs. However, heat and moisture seep into the attic escape through the roof vents during the colder months.

Additionally, a well-ventilated attic will also keep condensation from building up. In turn, this helps keep rafters, shingles, and roof decking from deteriorating. Roof vents can help protect your roof and home in many ways. However, it needs to be installed correctly, or it can lead to problems. Some of these issues include ice dams, higher energy bills, health problems, and property damage.

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