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The roof is one the most critical aspects of a property as it provides protection against the hazards of nature, such as the rain, the harmful and scorching rays of the sun, snow, and strong winds. Despite this, many West Virginia property owners tend to not pay the roof any mind until its damages are glaringly obvious – such as leaks or detached edges. Unknown to many, the roof can hide many defects that can become much more serious when left unattended.

Because the roof serves as the first line of defense against the harsh forces of nature, keeping up with its maintenance should be top priority for every property owner.

A simple routine check-up may not be enough to ensure that your roof is at its best state. A roofing professional’s expertise will be of great help as they have the necessary skills and tools not only in spotting hidden damages, but also if a certain damage calls for a simple repair work or a total roof replacement.

Population: 6,396

Median Resident Age: 39.4 years old

Zip Code: 25526

County: Putnam County

Estimated Median Household Income: $51,346

Unemployment: 5.2%

Land Area: 2.96 square miles

Population Density: 2,162 people per square mile

Data Source:

Founded in 1811, Hurricane got its name from Hurricane Creek where the party of surveyors commissioned by George Washington found the trees are all bent in the same direction in 1774. Interstate 64 was constructed through Hurricane in the 1960’s, making it an ideal location for anyone working in the cities of Charleston or Huntington. Hurricane prides itself on being a great blend of suburban and rural settings