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Regular roof maintenance is a responsibility of every homeowners as it ensures the safety of the household from the harshest forces of nature such as snow, winds, cold, scorching heat, and rain. However, because of its inaccessibility, many tend to skip the roof during casual home inspection, especially if its appearance seem okay. Because of this, more insidious damages are not addressed early on and evolve into more aggravating damages.

A well-maintained roof will preserve the security of the home and its occupants indoors, which is why it’s important that keeping up with inspections and maintenance should be given ample attention.

When in doubt about your roof’s current condition, calling in a roofing professional is imperative, so your roofing can be investigated with the highest quality of scrutiny. This will greatly help in preserving the quality condition of your roof and delay the need for a total roof replacement for as long as possible.

Population: 11,049

Median Resident Age: 40 years old

Zip Code: 45638

County: Lawrence County

Estimated Median Household Income: $34,140

Unemployment: 3%

Land Area: 4.16 square miles

Population Density: 2,655 people per square mile

Data Source:

Ironton was founded in 1849 by John Campbell, a prominent pig iron manufacturer in the area. Interested in expanding his foundry business, and due to the area’s rich iron-ore content (particularly in the hills to the north), he became interested in the lands surrounding what would later become the city of Ironton. He chose the location of Ironton because of its site along the Ohio River, which would allow for water transport of iron ore to markets downriver.