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Even though the roof is the household’s primary protection against the harshest forces of nature, it’s relatively common for many homeowners to just neglect its maintenance. In fact, it’s quite normal to hear stories of how a residential roofing system suddenly fail during a strong hurricane, all because the homeowner doesn’t perform regular roof maintenance which could prevent such dangerous situation from taking place.

Now more than ever, it’s important that you have a well-maintained roof that you can rely on for decades and provide ample protection against snow, rains, hail, strong winds, and the blistering rays of the sun. This means that you must have your roof periodically checked to spot the hidden damages and address them before they become more serious problems.

If you don’t know what signs to look out for due to lack of, hiring a roofing professional should be your priority. They have the knowledge, training, and proper equipment to conduct a thorough investigation and even recommend solutions based on what they’ve found. By hiring a residential roofing contractor, you’re ensuring that your roof gets the best care it can receive and that you can preserve its condition for years to come.

Population: 1,177

Median Resident Age: 32.1 years old

Zip Code: 25535

County: Wayne County

Estimated Median Household Income: $49,083

Unemployment: N/A

Land Area: 2.607 square miles

Population Density: 452 people per square mile

Data Source:

Lavalette is the area in which the movie about the rebuilding of a legendary football team, “We Are Marshall,” is based. It is also the home of national recording artist Kelly Ray Davis. Its unusual name comes from the daughter of an official with the Norfolk & Western Railway, Lavalette Miller.