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Roofing Company in Logan, WV

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The Best Logan, WV Roofing Company

Plenty of property and homeowners across Logan, West Virginia still haven’t given the required attention to their rooftops until the time comes when severe damages have surfaced, and repairs are gravely needed. With the kind of weather we experience nowadays, it’s imperative that roofs are adequately maintained as it serves as the primary protection of the household and all the investments spent on the house against the harsh forces of nature.

A thorough investigation of your roofing’s conditions goes a long way into making sure that it keeps your family strongly protected. Failure to do so allows the small but insidious damages sustained from years of exposure to worsen until they evolve into more serious and costly problems.

When it comes to detailed prognosis on your rooftop’s condition, it’s not enough that you do a superficial check-up. Calling in a roofing professional ensures that any problems lurking deep within the corners of your roof can be brought to light and addressed as early and effectively as possible, minimizing the need for a total roof replacement for as much as possible.

Population: 1,766

Median Resident Age: 40.2 years old

Zip Code: 25601

County: Logan County

Estimated Median Household Income: $39,479

Unemployment: 8%

Land Area: 1.15 square miles

Population Density: 1,539 people per square mile

Data Source: https://www.towncharts.com/Ohio/Demographics/Logan-city-OH-Demographics-data.html

What is now Logan was initially called “Islands of the Guyandot” by explorers who identified the site in the 1780s. In 1827, a city was laid out at the site to serve as a county seat for Logan County, which had been established in 1824. The city was initially known as “Lawnsville” after Anthony Lawson, an early merchant. In the early 1850s, Thomas Dunn English, a poet and future congressman, led efforts to reorganize the city. When the city incorporated in 1853, it was renamed “Aracoma” after the Shawnee chief Cornstalk’s daughter, who had been killed by settlers in the area in 1780. The city was renamed “Logan” in 1907 after the Mingo leader, Chief Logan.