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Roofing Company in Mineral Wells, WV

Do you own residential property in Mineral Wells, WV and are in need of a trustworthy roofing company? If so, then your search stops with Fahey Roofing + Contracting.



The Best Mineral Wells, WV Roofing Company

It’s a common knowledge that the roof is an essential protective layer in any residential structure. Without it, a house will be exposed to the harsh elements of nature such as snow, winds, cold, scorching heat, and rain. But with how inaccessible it normally is, many homeowners tend to skip it over during inspections if there are no obvious signs of damage. This can, however, allow the small concerns become bigger and more costly problems over time.

That’s why keeping up with the conditions of your rooftop should be a high priority, especially when the seasons are changing. Even the smallest leaks can become the most destructive damages for your house during the hurricane and winter season.

Hiring a roofing professional to make a thorough and professional inspection of the roof is necessary, as they are the ones with the best knowledge on how to deal with these unforeseen problems. They will help make sure that your roof is well-maintained, so it can properly do its job of protecting your home and safety for decades to come.

Population: 1,482

Median Resident Age: 37. 8 years old

Zip Codes: 26120, 26121, 26150

County: Wood County

Estimated Median Household Income: $64,034

Unemployment: 2%

Land Area: 1.5 square miles

Population Density: 966 people per square mile

Data Source: https://www.towncharts.com/West-Virginia/Demographics/Mineralwells-CDP-WV-Demographics-data.html

One John Cooper owned the land now known as Mineral Wells. Red Selectman bought this farm about 1850 and dug a well, the water of which seemed to have a curable effect for dropsy and other troubles. One man after drinking this water a few weeks, lost thirteen inches in waist measurement, and continued drinking the water until he became normal size. The news of this cure spread until Mineral Wells became a great summer resort by the early sixties. Many people came from Parkersburg and other places to stay all summer or just a day.