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Despite the lack of widespread recognition, the humble rooftop still functions as the house’s primary defense against the forces of nature — and it’s for this very reason that the rooftop can sustain some highly-concerning damages that weaken its function over time. Constant exposure to the rain, snow, strong winds, scorching rays of the sun, and other forces of nature can naturally inflict damage over time that can largely go undetected.

Many homeowners think that, as long as there’s no leak or any visible damage, it is fine to leave the roof alone. But this lack of attention can leave hidden damages to fester and incur more serious and costly damages.

When it comes to roof inspections, your best choice should be to hire a roofing professional. Not only are they well-educated and trained on inspecting roofs, they also know which procedures to recommend based on their customers’ preferences or current state. A roofing contractor can help you preserve your roof for years to come, ensuring that it’s able to protect you and your house adequately.

Population: 20,326

Median Resident Age: 36.1 years old

Zip Codes: 45662

County: Scioto County

Estimated Median Household Income: $28,702

Unemployment: 10.2%

Land Area: 10.8 square miles

Population Density: 1,887 people per square mile

Data Source:

The first permanent settler from the newly independent United States to live in the vicinity of what would become Portsmouth was Emanuel Traxler in 1796. Henry Massie formally laid out Portsmouth in 1803. He named the town Portsmouth after Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Located at the intersection of the Ohio River and the Scioto River, Portsmouth grew quickly due to the traffic on the rivers.