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It’s already the season to be jolly and make your house look bright as how the holiday seasons must be. It’s definitely on your bucket list to decorate the inside and out of your home before everything else unfolds. Before engaging in this kind of activity, you must ensure that you are taking safety precautions. Putting decorations on your home also means you will need to be upon your roof many times. You don’t want to be involved in any accidents or expose your loved ones to risks.

While contemplating what decorations to put up and where to put them, you must also think about how you will do that safely. Read below the safety tips you must do when you decorate your roof during holiday seasons.

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Make sure it is sunny.

Plan your decorating activities when it is sunny and calm outside. You would not want to be upon your roof when it is windy, snowy, or when it is raining. You can set up your decorations before these seasons begin. The earlier, the better.

Prechecking and Prepreppin’

Prepare your materials and decorations and check if they are working properly before you even put them up. It can be frustrating when you are already on the roof if some of them do not work. Try plugging in those bulbs and see if there is one that does not light up. You can also untangle them first before setting them up.

Moreover, check the ladder and see if they are sturdy and safe enough to use and that it will be able to support your weight. It must also be positioned on a flat level surface.

Call a Friend

It is always best to have someone to help, overlook, and assist you during these decorating activities to ensure safety. It is not just about safety, but it will also help you to become efficient. In this way, you can use your remaining time to engage in other important tasks for the day.

Wear your gear

To prevent or minimize accidents, you need to wear shoes with rubber soles to increase friction and lessen dirt under the soles of your shoes. A strapped belt around your torso is also a great help to carry decorating essentials and tools. Do not use nails, screws, staples, or any other penetrating tools when fastening your decorations. It is recommended to use plastic hooks and clips that can be used for the next year’s holiday season. You can also use magnetic strips or lights to attach or detach from metal roofs or walls easily.

Furthermore, you need to wear a protective helmet, safety eyeglasses, and gloves to ensure maximum safety.

Look out for power lines

Avoid hanging or putting up decorations near the way of power lines. You also have to be careful of overloading or shorting out your power supply or power circuits to avoid electrical accidents.

Be Patient

It is not easy to remove the decorations compared to putting them up. It can be more exhausting and time-consuming, but the key is to take it slow. Don’t tug or pull them hastily since it may result in ripping them apart and damaging your gutters or shingles.

To precheck your roof before decorating the exterior of your home, contact a professional roofing contractor.

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