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Fahey Roofing + Contracting siding is repaired by our professionals who work exclusively with siding and trim all day every day. We use high quality materials to ensure your siding repair holds strong for years to come.




The siding of your home can get damaged in many ways. It can get hit by hail, rough winds, falling tree branches, and projectiles, such as rocks or baseballs. Over time, the siding also deteriorates due to prolonged exposure to the sun, temperature extremes, and moisture damage. To fix your siding, you need to understand the problem with it and evaluate the full scope of the damage. That’s one reason to hire us. When we assess the damage to your home, we catch problems and don’t allow them to become more severe and expensive. We also have the training and experience to come up with the right solutions for your home. We’ve worked with a variety of siding materials, and we know the best approach to deal with damage.

One big question that comes up is whether to repair the siding or replace it entirely. The answer depends on multiple factors, especially the extent of the damage. We never recommend unnecessary work. You can count on us to give you guidance that suits your needs and makes sense for your home. As for the work itself, you can call us for emergency repairs or to fix problems that have been lingering for a while. We perform repairs with skill, care, and an eye for aesthetics. The areas we fix will blend in beautifully with the rest of your siding. If we uncover underlying problems with the structure of your home, such as mold, we’ll let you know, and we’ll discuss your options for what to do next. You can count on us for highly skilled, efficient, and thorough work.


Numerous factors can damage your siding—mostly as a result of the elements and Mother Nature.
Severe storms can weaken and ravage your siding, and strong winds can rip it off entirely.

With its low maintenance requirements and long life expectancy, vinyl siding delivers high value at an affordable price.

Our siding options are available in a diverse palette of attractive colors: base colors from rich, deep hues to light neutrals.
Our siding has the ability to weather all conditions in the unique climate you live.
Hail, rocks, baseballs . . . no matter what is thrown at you, all our siding options for your home are designed to absorb the shock of everyday life.


We know how chaotic and hectic it can be to try and find a siding contractor who you can trust. We stick to the rigid building codes that our industry follows so that your siding not only looks good, but is safe as well.

How do I know when I’m due for a home siding repair?
Usually, there will be signs of a problem. You may notice holes or cracks in your siding. Maybe it’s starting to warp in some places, and the nails are popping out. You may be spotting evidence of moisture damage, such as green or black spots. Maybe some of the siding has gotten softer, a sign of underlying rot. Leaving these problems neglected means that they’ll grow worse and more expensive to fix.
Does all my siding need to be replaced, or just some?
You don’t necessarily need to replace all of your siding. Especially if a problem is limited to one area and isn’t too severe, you can benefit from replacements that are more limited in scope. For example, we can remove and replace individual boards without causing problems for the rest of the siding. In some cases, the main challenge is getting the new sections to match the older ones in color and texture; we’ll discuss your options with you if this issue becomes a problem.
Do I need to be home when you repair my siding?
Because siding repairs involve external work, you don’t need to be home. As long as we can access the part of your exterior that needs repairs, we can carry out our work. If, for example, the area we’re working on can only be reached via a backyard gate, the gate will need to be unlocked. In the event that we have questions, we’ll call you. You can also contact us during the project whenever you need to.
Can you show me what your siding might look on my home before I make a purchase?
Before you finalize any decisions about your home, we make sure that you’re comfortable with your choices. We provide you with accurate information and review different options with you. To see what your siding would look like after a replacement or repair project, you can make use of our visualization tools. You’ll be able to spot even the subtle differences between colors.
How long does it take to repair my siding?
Some repairs may take one or two days, while others may take one or two weeks. How extensive is the damage? Is there more than one problem, including an underlying issue that may need more work? We perform our work efficiently. At the same time, we don’t gloss over problems or carelessly rush through a project. After we’ve assessed the damage to your siding, we’ll be able to give you an accurate estimate of the repair project’s length.