Most Frequent Problems with Gutters [Infographic]

The gutter along your roof is critical to protecting the structural integrity of your home. It serves as a conduit for rainwater. The downspout delivers safely to the ground, where it won’t damage the home’s foundation and landscaping.

However, gutters need to be kept in good condition for them to keep doing their job properly. If your gutter is not well-maintained, it might develop problems that will render them ineffective. It may even lead to the high cost and inconvenience of replacing it.

Here are some gutter problems that can often lead to damage to your roof and home.

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5 Tips to Fix Noisy Gutters and Downspouts [Infographic]

Gutters and downspouts are essential in every functioning roofing system. They are responsible for water management. They serve to effectively channel water away from direct it to more appropriate areas. This prevents water from settling on your roof during and after a storm, which can lead to an overflow.

Once the water seeps into your foundation, it will make everything that supports your structure more vulnerable to rotting, rusting, and other damage. However, this function of gutters and downspouts can be less convenient when they’re making a lot of bothersome noise during the process.

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