Signs that Your Roof was Not Installed Properly [Infographic]

A roof replacement is always the most expensive roofing projects, and its high price often prompts many homeowners to find cheaper ways to get the work done. They either find cheaper contractors or skimp on professional help completely and perform their own installation.

Unfortunately, the cheaper option isn’t always better. Most homeowners lack the knowledge and skills to pull off a complex project like this, and crooked contractors aren’t uncommon either.

Either way, these homeowners might find themselves with the quality of work they paid for – a poorly installed roof.  A roof that was not installed properly can cause different problems in the future, from structural damage to more costlier roof work.

If you suspect that your new roof was poorly installed, here are a few tell-tale signs of new roof installation problems to help you know for sure:

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Re-roofing Over Architectural Shingles [Infographic]

Asphalt shingles are one of the most popular choices of roofing materials in the highly competitive residential roofing market filled with various options. They usually come in two variants – the 3-Tab shingles and Architectural or Dimensional shingles.

The 3-tab shingle is the most basic and least expensive option. However, architectural shingles are often used to improve the curb appeal of many old homes that need makeovers. In addition, these properties would have additional protection and increase the lifespan of the entire house.

No matter how durable your roof, it will start failing at some point so you should begin researching your options for the best deal. Re-roofing saves homeowners the cost, trouble, and risks associated with a tear-off.

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