Tips For Getting Your Roof Ready For Spring [Infographic]

The winter season can prove to be brutal at times when leaving your own driveway becomes a challenge or when you’ve just about enough of wearing multiple layers of clothing. It’s just about time for many to start wishing for a season change.

But as spring drives out the last gloomy traces of winter, it also brings a fair share of rain and winds which could spell trouble for a roof with issues that could compromise its performance. As we start to move into a new season, it’s time to take a look at the kind of damage your roof has endured during the preceding months and ensure that it’s prepared to withstand what lies ahead.

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Ways to Deal with Health Risks of a Roofing Project [Infographic]

Roof work safety is not just an issue for construction companies. Even those indirectly involved including the owners of buildings where roof repair or installation may take place should also be concern about the safety of those who carry out work on a roof.

Roofing Projects have always been a high-risk activity because of the danger of working at such a high place. Numerous roofers lost their life from falling off a roof or ladder. Many also suffered from severe injuries and permanent disabilities.

However, falls aren’t the only safety issue when it comes to roof work. Many roofers also have to deal with some health risks as well. Health risks need to be managed at least as well as safety risks. Here are the main health risks of working on a roof that you need to be aware of as well as how to handle them.

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