Tips for Staying Safe During Winter Roofing Projects [Infographic]

Even in an ordinary day, the roof is already a landmine of potential hazards, but it gets worse during the winter season. The snow and ice create an even more dangerous environment for anyone working up there that if they aren’t careful or prepared, they could end up getting hurt.

That’s why professionals prefer to do roofing project when the weather is warm, calm, and dry. In warm temperatures with little winds and clear skies which would lower their chances of slipping and falling off the roof or getting sick from the cold.

While the conditions aren’t ideal, roofers can still perform roofing jobs just as long as they take safety precautions.

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Dangers During Winter Roofing [Infographic]

Cold is a physical hazard during winter especially for anyone spending a long time on the roof including roofing contractors and homeowners insisting on doing the roofing job themselves.

It’s not normal for people to expose themselves to the cold for a long time. When the body is unable to warm itself, it may lead to illness and injury, possible permanent tissue damage or even death.

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