Long-Term Solutions for Ice Dams [Infographic]

When the heat from the attic combines with the sun’s warmth, the snow, and ice on your roof melt that will eventually form ice dams. The meltwater that flows to the edge of the roof will begin to refreeze. As this process continues, the layer of the ice hanging will get thicker. This will eventually cause a “dam” that will grow as it is fed by the melting snow above it.

The ice dams hanging on your eaves will prevent water from draining off your roof, causing it gets backed up behind underneath the shingles and into your home. It can cause costly damage to your whole roof system, your attic, and even inside the walls of your home.

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5 Tips for Holiday Decorating Without Damaging the Roof

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. It’s a time of festivities and celebration. For many homeowners, it also the time to bust out their holiday spirit and start decorating.

Decorating is part of the fun during this season. Seeing a whole neighborhood illuminate with colorful ornaments and bright lights can be uplifting, not just to its residents but to everyone who passes by. Unfortunately, holiday decorations can also be a source of headaches for homeowners and potentially cause damage your roof.

Don’t let a few mistakes take away your holiday cheer. This festive season, make sure you take several precautions to create a holiday display without wreaking havoc on your roof.

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