Signs of a Roof Leak [Infographic]

Roof leaks are a serious structural issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Some holes are large enough to wreak havoc on your walls, foundation, and the exterior of your building. However, even a relatively minor leak could cause significant damage in just a matter of days. Delaying repairs will only lead to more complicated and expensive repairs.

Unfortunately, leaks are not always discovered early. An untrained eye can have trouble finding one until they become large enough to become obvious. In some cases, it can be left undiscovered until a complete roof replacement is the only solution.

As a homeowner, you need to keep an eye out for any signs of a leaking roof. That way, you can get ahead of any potential water damage before it becomes too late. Below are some warning signs that indicate that there’s a leak.

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Common Roof Problems Seen in Spring

Spring has officially arrived. But as the current climate won’t allow us to engage in the usual outdoor activities, homeowners should use this time to prepare for the shift of season by getting busy with home maintenance and cleaning.

Spring cleaning and maintenance don’t end in getting rid of the dirt that has collected in your home after months of being shut-in. As the snow begins to melt, you might find some problems on your roof that may not have been a massive issue during freezing months but can lead to widespread damage and costly repairs if left unchecked.

With that said, here are the usual roofing issues that can happen in spring.

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