How Roof Pitch Affects Your Roofing Material Choices [Infographic]

Re-roofing projects aren’t something you do regularly. Many homeowners consider a new roof as a once in a lifetime investment. Whether it remains a one-time expense depends mostly on the roof materials that they select upon installation.

Nowadays, there are too many types and styles of roofing materials available in the market. As a result, choosing the right one for your roof becomes a more complicated task. There is no simple way to determine which material reigns supreme as each one brings something different to the table. The sensible choice for one household may not be suitable for another.

For this reason, each homeowner needs to consider different factors when making a decision. While most homeowners focus on cost and appearance, it’s also essential to consider the roof pitch as well.

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Common Roof Problems Seen in Summer

Common Roof Problems Seen in Summer [Infographic]

Summertime is a widely anticipated season after months of cold and harsh weather. It’s a chance to enjoy warm temperatures and bright sunny skies. For homeowners, it means letting their guards down as the lack of ice and snow lessens the possibility of roof damage. However, summer is equally full of dangers that you need to wash out for.

This season increased roofing damage, as various elements, like humidity and temperature, change to become harsher on materials. To prepare you for this, let’s take a look at a few common problems homeowners may find with their roofs in the summer.

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