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Roofs that dealt with damage usually suffer from leaks. Roof leaks are a problem that shouldn’t be ignored as it slowly damages the interior of a home. It can create many issues, such as wood rot, destroyed drywall, and mold growth. A leaking roof can immediately turn into a major emergency when it starts leaking during a heavy rainstorm.

When you find a leak, you can always call a professional roofer to repair the leaks. Professional roofers have the necessary experience, tools, and confidence to safely and complete the job. Unfortunately, help will not always come to your home right away.

While waiting for experts to arrive, you need to minimize the water damage as much as possible. Most people would focus on protecting their valuables from water damage by covering them with a plastic cover. You may not be able to fix a leaky roof yourself. However, you can still attempt these temporarily emergency roof repairs and decrease any further damage.


Tarps are a handy material to temporarily fix the problem areas of the roof and protect your home from further snow, rain, and more water damage. When the roof is dry enough to climb safely, cover the affected area with a tarp that is at least six millimeters thick. The tarp should be stretch out over the roof to cover the compromised area.

Tarps are secured with duct tape, getting tied down, or with nailer boards to keep it from being blown away in a storm. You may add a second layer of tarp if significant amounts of water come into your home. If you’re worried about the wind, place more 2×4’s along the perimeter of the plastic.

Plastic Roofing Cement

Plastic roof cement is usually used as additional protection to an existing roof. It can also serve as sealant aids in waterproofing, sun damage protection, and a binding agent in adding new shingles on top of older ones. The product withstands both heat and cold without cracking, sagging, or becoming brittle.

These features of plastic roofing cement also make it ideal for emergencies like a roofing leak. It can even be applied even after installing a tarp since leaks from the roof to the ceiling may not make a straight line.

It is arguably the best temporary roof leak fix that you can go for during heavy rainfall or snowfall. Plastic roofing cement can effectively seal tiny roofing holes and cracks to prevent the water from entering your house.

Make sure you have tools such as roofing trowel, caulk gun, and putty knife. They are all necessary for a proper application and provide stronger leak protection.

Roofing Tape

Patching the leak would also work. Roofing tape is easy to avail at any hardware store or home improvement shop. It’s typically applied to the inner part of the roof decking, which is inside your attic or the top floor of your home.

It’s the reason why some people prefer to use roofing tape instead of putting down a tarp. It removes the risk of getting on the roof to put on the tarp. Just be aware that this method only works to limit water flow rather than preventing any from entering. Roofing tape may not be the best option for significant leaks.

DIY Shingles

Temporary Shingles are an ideal option when you have to deal with cracked, damaged, or missing shingles. Just cut sheet metal in the shape and size of your shingles to replace the damaged ones and then use any strong adhesive to secure it in the required place.

While replacing missing shingles may not be the perfect or pretty solution, it can limit the flow of water until the professionals arrive.

Remember that these are only temporary solutions for your leaking roof. The best way to manage leaks is still with the help of professional roofers. However, sealing up a roof leak as soon as possible will be a huge help for your home.

Educate yourself on temporarily fixing a roof leak and make sure to exercise extreme caution when stepping on the roof. It can be dangerous to walk on the roof as you could fall off or through the weak and damaged section of the roof.

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