The roofing industry offers various types of roofing materials. Some of them being more expensive to purchase and maintain, while some can be installed at a meager price. Most homeowners with a tight budget will select the least costly to get the needed new roof at a lower cost.

However, it’s easy to forget how the quality of the roof can impact the budget as well. While pricey materials may seem to deplete a savings account, the consequence of choosing inferior materials is sneaky as it collects much higher maintenance costs in the long run.

If you want some of the least expensive but best roofing options, here are some roofing materials that you can have installed.


Out of all the available roofing materials in the market, asphalt shingles are known for being the most affordable. As a result, asphalt shingles are popular among homeowners.

Shingles are sold by the bundle and by the square. Its prices depend on the slope, pitch, and size of your roof. According to Home Advisor, asphalt costs begin between $100 and $150 per square on average.

The price makes it easier to carry out overall roof repairs. For other materials, it’s much more difficult and costly to replace any damaged shingles. A damaged asphalt shingle is easy to replace. However, a replacement for asphalt shingles is a trivial issue, whether it’s for a single shingle, a section of the roof, or the entire thing.

Asphalt shingles come in many colors and attractive options, adding to the curb appeal of your home. When it comes to durability, it does an excellent job of protecting homes from nature’s elements. However, it does have problems against weather and heavy winds. Asphalt shingles are also weak against heat as it can conduct the heat from the sun to the house under it.

Keep in mind that these problems mostly appear on the cheapest asphalt shingles. Even if the cost is a significant issue, never choose the least expensive shingles.


Metal roofing materials are a popular choice for homeowners for their appearance, durability, and low maintenance. Yet, a metal roof price tag is about three times higher than a typical asphalt shingle roof. Home Advisor estimates that metal roofs can cost from $150 to $1,600 per square, depending on the type of metal used. Among the most common are aluminum, copper, stainless steel, tin, and zinc.

But despite the higher initial installation price, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s unreasonably expensive. In fact, metal roofs may even be cheaper than asphalt roofs.

Metal roofs can typically last for more than 50 years, while asphalt roofs have an average lifespan of 15 years. This means that on the 45th year of one metal roof, homes with asphalt roofs would be installing their third one. As a result, the average cost of the asphalt roof would triple before a single metal roof can even reach its average lifespan.

However, you won’t just save money on installation costs. Additionally, a metal roof can reduce the energy spent on cooling your home during the hot summer months by reflecting solar radiation away from the house. This will reduce the heat in the home’s living space, thus reducing the need for the frequent use of air conditioning.


Wooden roofing shingles have two style types. Wood shingles and wood shakes are similar in almost all aspects, except for their appearance. Where wooden shingles have a crisp and clean appearance due to being mechanically sawn, the shingles have a more rustic and textured appeal from being split and resawn back.

This type of roofing has declined in popularity because of being a fire hazard, but newer wooden shingles and shakes are being treated with fire retardant to make them a safer option. Besides that, wooden roofing is still beneficial to any home and those living in it as it’s resistant to the elements and insects. It also doesn’t decay rapidly, lasting for up to 30-40 years.

These are beginning to get up in price, but are still cheaper than high-end roofing materials. Wood shakes, specifically, are a more expensive option according to Roofing Calc, estimating the cost to be around $750 and $1,250 per square. Wood shingles are slightly less pricey than shakes, with the price ranging from $650 to $1,050 per square.

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