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You will feel that the fall season will soon emerge once summer is beginning to close. Leaves are starting to fall off from tree branches and come down on top of your roof before you even know it. Some homeowners are interchanging equipment and tools to prepare their homes during this season. While other homeowners are busy preparing some parts of their houses, they do not realize that the roof is the topmost priority that they should pay attention to. The fall season can be a challenging time for your home’s roof. So, to ensure that your roof is in top shape, here are the tips on how to prepare it during the fall season.

Clean Gutters


Leaves that fall on your roof can result in clogged gutters. Due to clogs, water overflows and will eventually cause damage to trim, siding, and the overall structure of your roof. The weight of the water can also undermine the quality of your roof structure and gutters.

You must guarantee the cleanliness of your gutter and check if it is clear of debris throughout the season.

You can also place a gutter screen or gutter guards to prevent your gutters from being clogged. To ensure proper drainage and water flow, regular cleaning must be observed.

Clear Debris


Keeping your gutter clear of any debris is essential for maintaining the overall stability of your roof system. Pine needles, sticks, branches, and knocked leaves due to autumn winds take time and effort to clear off from your roof. Moreover, debris has moisture that potentially creates mold or rot, which will be detrimental to the roofing material.

Keeping your gutters clear of debris will give you confidence that your roof will be ready for the next season.



It is best to inspect your roof when you are up there cleaning. Inspect if there are missing or damaged roof shingles. Check those parts that are more prone to leakages, such as skylights, chimneys, and vents. Examining your roof for any damage plays an essential role in your preparation for the fall season. This can address any issue immediately before it leads to a significant problem and goes out of hand.



Another aspect of preparing your roof is proper ventilation. Without proper vents situated at the ridges or gables of your roof, the temperature in your attic will increase and can cause the hot air to condensate. This causes moisture damage and eventually creates mold or rot in your roof’s support and overall material. Proper ventilation in the attic will aid your roof to be in its top shape.

Call for Professional Inspection


If you are not comfortable enough in climbing up to your roof and do not know how to repair or fix the issues that may arise, it is best to ask for help from professional roofing contractors. They have the knowledge, experience, and appropriate tools and equipment to perform an inspection and repairs. Having your roof inspected by professionals is a great way to prepare your roof for fall and the succeeding seasons.

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