Roof replacements are a significant investment that you can make in your property and should be given a good deal of consideration. It will not only improve the appearance of your home but also protect your home for years to come and raise your home’s value.

There are plenty of things to consider for this type of roofing project since it will immediately turn your house to a work zone that poses several hazards.

When planning a roof replacement from a Roofing Company in Hurricane, WV, these following tips will help ensure that your roof replacement runs as smoothly and stress-free as possible.

Remember Accessibility

It goes without saying that a major re-roofing project requires the roof to be accessible. Roof replacements are a big project that takes up plenty of space around the perimeter of your home.

For one thing, roofing professionals will need to walk all of the ways around your home to access the roof from different sides. You don’t want them tripping all over your possessions or waste time moving around furniture.

Reroofing your house would also require plenty of new supplies and some heavy equipment. They need a designated area near your home where they can park.

Most importantly, you want to move away from your stuff away to avoid damaging them. While professional home roofing companies try to work as neatly as possible, a shingle dropping is unavoidable. This could destroy any of your delicate items.

The night before your roofing team arrives, remove any vehicles, garbage bins, toys, patio furniture, garden stuff, or anything that could get in the way while the roofing project is in progress.

Mark Fragile Landscape Pieces

There will be vulnerable items that you wouldn’t be able to remove, such as landscape features like sprinkler heads, ornaments, and plants. While good contractors would try to avoid any of these items, this isn’t always possible.

This would not only possibly damage them, but anything embedded in the ground could trip over roofers. Roofers will replace damaged pieces, but it’s better to avoid damage in the first place.

Notify your roofing professionals of any fragile landscape pieces by marking them with either small flags or bright colored tape that can be purchased at any home improvement stores.

Plants and flower beds are also vulnerable to dropped shingles. Set down a netting or a tarp over flower beds and other plants. The roof manager will ensure the other roofers give them an extra-wide berth if you show them which plants need extra care.

Get Your Attic and House Ready

A re-roofing begins by carefully inspecting your roof and attic to see exactly what needs to be done. Sentimental and fragile items are often stored in the attic, but that makes them very vulnerable during a roof replacement.

Keep in mind that such a big project will cause dust, noise, and vibrations. While professional roofers will do their best to minimize the dust and debris created during the tear-off and installation of your roof, no job ends completely mess-free.

If you have anything that can be damaged in your attic, you should move it or cover it up.

Any hanging décor can easily be knocked down during the project while heirlooms or valuable items in your attic is going to collect the most dust during your roofing replacement. You may want to move it to a safer location or store them on the ground floor until the roofing project is finished.

Try covering up certain items that are too bulky or heavy to move with drop cloths, tarps, or a plastic sheet to protect them from dust and shingle debris. It’s also wise to cover up the floor to make the clean-up easier.

Prepare Your Pets and Family

Replacing roof shingles is a job that takes a long time. A new roof installation typically takes two days to complete, but this depends on the size of your roof. Some tasks can be completed in just a day, while others take for as long as three days.

No matter how long the roof replacement takes, it will be very disruptive to your children and pets. This is because of the loud noises created by banging of nails that young children and pets may find uncomfortable. It can create distractions, disturb their sleeping habits, and increase their anxiety.

As such, they might be more comfortable with staying with neighbors, family, or friends while your roof is being replaced.

Also, keep in mind there will be a lot of plenty of dangerous materials are used and stored at roofing project sites, so it’s best to stay away from the work zone.

Unfortunately, kids generally are curious. If they must watch, keep them at a safe distance. Be sure to talk to have a talk with them about the dangers of the work site as well. However, pets and young children might not understand the threat. Keep them away from the attic and from all roofing work. This helps avoid both severe injury and any interference with roofing projects.

Speak with Your Neighbors

Before the roofers get started, take the time to notify your neighbors, especially your direct neighbors, of the upcoming roof project.

As roof replacement can be noisy, giving your neighbors an advanced warning about the noise, disturbance, and the possibility of shingle or nail flying into their yard is a small courtesy that can go a long way as they might have pets or children who might be bothered by all the noise and commotion.

This should also include the estimated timeframe, so they aren’t caught off guard. This will give them the chance to make adjustments to their schedule so they can be comfortable while your work is being done. They might also be more co-operative once the roofing project starts.

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