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Roof inspections are essential to keep roofs in good shape, but it’s something that most homeowners usually put off from their home maintenance checklist. The cons of neglecting roof maintenance include small leaks, high energy bills, mold buildup, severe water damage, and expensive roof repair costs.

Every homeowner must conduct roof inspections to ensure that their homes are well-protected at all times. The best time to inspect the roof is when the weather and schedule are right and when the roof isn’t already falling apart, effectively reducing the chances of future roof damages from appearing.

Roof Inspections in Spring or Fall?

The best time for a roof inspection is spring and fall, mainly because they’re more advantageous than the other seasons. The truth, however, is that a regular roof inspection from a roofing company in Fairmont, WV is more important than simply selecting one season and doing one checkup. Below are the pros of a roof inspection in spring and fall.

Why Get a Spring Roof Inspection?

Roofs will sustain damages from the winter, wind, ice, and rain, and it’s hard to check for the actual damage until spring comes. Once winter’s snow melts, homeowners can find problems on the roof that wasn’t an issue when the chilly months kept them from causing damages when conducting a spring roof inspection.

Why Get a Fall Roof Inspection?

Early fall before the rains arrive an excellent time for a roof inspection since it’s essentially a preventive measure for the winter season. 40% of the heat loss in a house during the winter is attributed to heat escaping through the attic, and homeowners who haven’t maintained their roofs in the fall may find themselves feel a bit colder as a result.
Taking care of loose shingles and leaky areas before the winter season arrives can prevent more expensive repairs when spring comes.

Why Not Inspect Roofs During Summer and Winter?

Spring is an excellent time for a roof inspection because it reveals the damages sustained during the winter, but winter is a wrong time for one since snow can pile up on the roof and keep people from inspecting it. Because it’s difficult to fix problems in the winter, it’s advisable to do preventive maintenance to avoid any popping problems. Homeowners can opt to have their roofs during the summer if they want to, but it might not be a good idea since the summer is also harsh on roofs.

The summer heat and the UV rays from the sun can break down the materials on the roof and cause it to lose its waterproofing properties over time. Summer hailstorms can also damage roofs, resulting in cover sustaining damages that inspectors and homeowners might have overlooked if they inspected the canopy before any summer storms hit. The best time to oversee and repair the cracks besides spring is in the fall because the roofs can still sustain damages in the summer.

Both the spring and fall are excellent times to have a roof specialist inspect and possibly replace the roof because they’re seasons when homeowners and professional contractors can efficiently fix the damages from the previous season. They’re good to keep the following season from dealing too much wear and causing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC problems.

Other Times to Inspect the Roof

Even if the spring and the fall are excellent for roof inspections, it doesn’t mean that homeowners must avoid inspecting the roof during the summer or the winter. Unexpected things can still happen even with regular maintenance.

If a big storm occurs, homeowners must have their roofs inspected to see significant damages present. A roof inspection is advisable after the following happened:

• After a heavy rain or snowstorm
• After a tropical and sunny summer season
• After a tree, a branch, or other heavy objects fall on the roof

Do You Need a Roof Inspection?

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